Noragami Season 3 Confirmed or Canceled? Latest Status Update

The prospect of seeing Noragami Season 3 has become a far-fetched hope for the eager fans. Viewers have been anticipating the third season since 2015. Noragami Season 1 premiered in 2014 with 12 episodes. A year after, Noragami Season 2 made its way to our screens. However, since then, fans have only waited for Season 3 every year. Till now, Koutarou Tamuru has not greenlit Season 3. There have been no official announcements in regards to Noragami Season 3 from the Studio as well.

Noragami is a romantic anime adapted from a manga series of the same name written by Adachitoka. The first two seasons enjoyed good positive reception, but Noragami has not been renewed for Season 3. Although the show has not been officially canceled, it is still unclear why Season 3 has not been confirmed. Let’s go through what we know about Season 3 at the moment.

Release Date for Noragami Season 3

Studio Bones has not revealed any information regarding the release date of Noragami Season 3. It is unclear if Bones is planning to renew Noragami in the near future. The Studio is packed with multiple projects, and Season 3 does not look like their priority. Even if Bones has scheduled the third season, it is too early to make claims of a possible release date.

Release Date for Noragami Season 3
Release Date for Noragami Season 3

If the Studio does go ahead with the third season, they have ample source material to adapt from. The manga series are doing better than the anime. Until then, fans will have to make do with the manga to get a gist of how the story proceeds.

The Cast for Noragami Season 3

Considering Noragami gets renewed for Season 3, fans are wondering about the possible voice cast list for the season. Most of the cast members will reprise their original roles unless some major update suggests otherwise. Yato was played by Hiroshi Kamiya, who will likely return for season 3. Hiyori and Yukine were voiced by Maaya Uchida and Yuki Kaji, who will continue to portray the characters in Season 3.

The Cast for Noragami Season 3
The Cast for Noragami Season 3

The English voice cast will also stay the same if Season 3 comes out. English fans will have to wait for the longest for Season 3. Because dubbed episodes are released weeks after the Japanese anime, it’s unclear when the dubbed version of Season 3 will come out.

Expected Storyline of Noragami Season 3

The manga series has 24 volumes. Out of the 24 volumes, only 10 have been adapted into anime for Noragami Season 1 and 2. Bones has ample source material to follow forth with the third season. Noragami centres around Yato, who is a minor deity. The show explores romance, action, and fantasy to make for a significantly captivating watch.

Expected Storyline of Noragami Season 3
Expected Storyline of Noragami Season 3

Yato comes in contact with Hiyori, who has a strange condition. Hiyori has an affliction which causes her soul to depart often. Consequently, Yato jumps at the chance to help her. A lost spirit, Yukine also finds its way to Yato. Yato takes Yukine on board to use as a battle weapon. The three get entangled in Yato’s past as more problems arise.

In Season 3, viewers will explore Yato’s mysterious past as more secrets unravel. Hiyori is still finding a cure for her soul. In the past seasons, the three were seen dealing with the consequences of Yato’s dark past. As a result, some tensions among the three also surface. In the midst of everything, Hiyori’s trouble was sidelined. It would be a shame if a major issue is not resolved for the viewers.

Noragami Season 3 will give the characters a chance to channel their full potential. Fans are excited for the character development that will be depicted in Season 3. If Bones picks up Noragami, it will be a treat for the loyal fanbase.


Expecting a trailer for Noragami Season 3 is a long shot. Given the fact that the Studio has been silent on Noragami’s renewal, it is not likely the anime will come out any time soon. Season 3 has gotten caught in a long hiatus. The Studio has put the production of Season 3 far aside from their itinerary. Maybe financial concerns regarding Noragami Season 2’s are a deciding factor.

However, there’s no clear indication of what the Studio has planned for Noragami. The fans can hope to see their favorite anime soon. Until then, viewers can catch up with the rest of the story by getting their hands on the manga volumes. Stay tuned for more updates on the status of Noragami Season 3!

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