Black Clover Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, spoiler and Trailer

Black Clover is a blockbuster animated adventure series. In its four seasons, seventy episodes have been covered in less than four years. The filmmakers then went on a break and the fans are now wondering when they will be back with Black Clover Season 5. Another thing that worried the fans was the fact that the ending of season 4 carried an important statement and when do we now see the upcoming season. 

This television series first premiered in 2017 and it is based on the manga collection of Hiroki Tabat. The plot of the story revolves around Asta who was born without a charm in the universe of charm. Yuno, his companion who is a strong wind expert, is helping him to become a wizard commander. The anime has been listed in the best 100 anime collections on Crunchyroll. 

Black Clover Season 5 Release Date 

After the end of Black Clover Season 4, the demand for Black Clover Season 5 has been high. With no information, fans are busy googling to lay their hands on bits and pieces of information. The series is now in worldwide demand and now the important question is where does Black Clover Season 5 stand? 

Black Clover Season 5 Release Date 
Black Clover Season 5 Release Date

According to reports, the renewal of the anime series is confirmed and therefore, Black Clover Season 5 is happening. This can be a breath of relief for its fans. However, the release date of Black Clover Season 5 is yet not revealed. However, the unofficial expected release date of Season 5 Black Clover is mid-2023. 

But, according to other sources, the viewers might also have to wait till 2024 as there is no source material. This is an ongoing manga. The confirmation about the release date can only come after an official announcement. 

Currently, the series is in its pre-production phase and the movie will be completed by the end of 2022, hopefully. 


In the finale episode of the fourth season, the devil of Asta has been released. It is expected that without any charm he will be able to walk through the circumvent inferno-living barrier. Also, he is adopted by a human named Richita. It is expected that season 5 will cover 12 to 25 chapters of the manga like most of the anime series. 

In the upcoming season, Yuna may be seen consulting with Langrish. However, before celebrating, a fight is supposed to happen between the Clover Kingdom and the Spade Kingdom. The future season might show Asta and Yuno fighting with the demons and the non-human opponents. 

Also, in the previous season, Asta discovered his biological mother. This leaves a lot of room for the expansion of the series. Also, the upcoming season might also feature a fight between the devils and the living world which is unavoidable considering the fact that Asta opened the barrier previously. 

The journey of Asta to become the Wizard King will obviously continue. That is for certain and the Clover Kingdom needs to be defended at any cost in a magical way. The show currently enjoys an IMDB rating of 8.3 and we believe the upcoming season will be equally interesting. 

Black Clover Season 5 Cast

Black Clover Season 5 Cast
Black Clover Season 5 Cast

All the main cast are expected to return for the fifth season. The expected casts are 

  • Dallas Reid as Asta 
  • Cris George as the narrator 
  • Jill Harris as Noelle Silva 
  • Christopher Sabat as Yami 
  • Micah Solusod as Yuno 
  • Brandon Mclnnis as Final 
  • Justin Briner as Luck 
  • Mike McFarland as Gordon 
  • Sarah Wiedenheft as Charmy 
  • Ian Sinclair as Magna 
  • Lydia Mackay as Vanessa 


The trailer of Season 5 is yet not out. We will update this section once the trailer for the fifth season of Black Clover is officially released. 

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