My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Release Date and Time

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 is all set for its release! Fans of the famous manga series do not have to wait any longer. The story is now at a crucial point after the ending of the previous chapter. It will reveal whether Bakugo died or not. This revelation will have major consequences which will affect the story deeply. However, he once survived death, so maybe he’ll return. You’ll read more about it in the article below!

When will My Hero Academia Chapter 363 be released?

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 will release on 21st August 2022. It will be available for reading on Manga Plus and Viz Media. If you don’t find these options feasible, then you can try My Hero Academia’s official website! 

When will My Hero Academia Chapter 363 be released?
When will My Hero Academia Chapter 363 be released?

The upcoming chapter is set to release around 10:00 am (according to Pacific Time). This chapter was supposed to be released earlier, but Weekly Shonen Magazine went on an unexpected break. Due to this, this chapter had to be put on hold. As Shonen Jump is on a break, other manga series’ chapters won’t be released either. You’ll have to wait, but don’t forget to tune in, as it will uncover major plot twists. 

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The raw scans of the upcoming chapter are expected to be released on Thursday or Friday. It will most likely be on 18th August 2022. As the scans are spoilers in another form, they’ll give you a slight idea of what to expect from the upcoming chapter. So, keep an eye out for the scans!

Is Bakugo dead?

The previous chapter did not end as per the expectations of the fans. It weirdly started focusing on Bakugo. Although he wanted to defeat Shigaraki, he fell to the ground. But we still have some hope left because no event made it clear that he is completely dead. We don’t know much about what will happen in the upcoming chapter. But Bakugo’s death will determine the future of the story. 

Is Bakugo dead?
Is Bakugo dead?

It was originally the plan of Shigaraki to harm Bakugo. By doing so, he’ll succeed in passively provoking Izuku to work on his power. So, to put it simply, we are just as clueless as you are regarding the death of Bakugo. However, you must remember what happened in Chapter 285. We hope that, just like in that chapter, he’ll survive and escape death again. Shigaraki succeeded in hitting Bakugo’s heart. And in the final scene, we see him lying on the ground with his entire body filled with blood. From the looks of it, the future for the character does not seem so bright. 

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We’ll know for sure once the raw scans come out. So, stay patient until then! So, that was everything you needed to know about My Hero Academia Chapter 363. Once the raw scans make their way to us, we’ll make sure to update this site. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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