Is Jojo Part 9 Confirmed? Yes

For generations, Jojo has dominated the manga game. Soon, the 9th part will also blow your mind! Hirohoki Araki has confirmed that he is working on the production of Jojo Part 9. So, this rules out all the rumours about the series getting discontinued. According to a Twitter account that regularly updates the followers with the updates, the 9th part will have the title of JoJo Lands. But as that account is not verified, we are not completely sure about its credibility. You’ll read more about the 9th part in the article below!

When will Jojo’s 9th part be released?

The officials confirmed the production of Jojo Part 9 back in September 2021. But Hirohoki Araki still hasn’t given the final release date for the anime. Fans expect the upcoming part to be shorter as the author is already in his 60s. Despite his age, he has maintained the caliber of the manga. But will the 9th part be the final one for the manga? It has been going strong for almost three decades. So, it won’t be a shock if Araki decides to finish the story. Some experts had predicted to wait for the 9th part’s release to come somewhere in the middle of 2022. But now that we are in August, we still don’t have any leads on this matter. Hence you’ll have to remain patient. But one thing is for sure we will definitely get the 9th part! 

When will Jojo’s 9th part be released?
When will Jojo’s 9th part be released?

The 9th part is still in its manga phase, so we are quite far from getting an animated version. The title is here, but we are still lacking the official plot synopsis. Each part of the manga has taken the story into different realms and introduces a range of characters. You can expect something similar from the upcoming 9th part. It is hard to predict as the 7th and 8th parts completely deviated from the main plot. Now, who knows what Araki is planning to introduce this time? 

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We are hoping that JoJo Lands will be based in the same universe as Steel Ball Run. And if this proves to be true, then the 9th part will serve as the sequel to JoJolion. These are just theories for now! But one wild guess is that the author might introduce all Jojos from different places in the upcoming part. This way, it will also serve as the last version of the maga. If this news is legit, then Araki surely deserves hype for his perfect ending. 

Who will return in Jojo Part 9?

It is too soon to speak on which characters we’ll get to see in the 9th part. This is because we do not even have a release date, to begin with. But we are expecting to see different Jojos and other characters in the upcoming part. 

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This might be the last time we’ll get to live in this state of confusion regarding the Jojo Universe. The chances of the 9th part being the final one are high. Mainly because Araki is now quite old, and looking at how the previous part took ten years to end, who knows how long the 9th one will take. If you’re a new fan, the influx of content can be overwhelming. But once you get into the story, there is no way out! You can stream the animated version on Netflix. Or read the manga on various sites. 

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So, that was everything you needed to know about Jojo Part 9. We are still running low on information. But once Araki announces the confirmed release date, we’ll add it to this site. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 


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