Call of the Night Season 2 Release Date

Katayama’s Call of the Night gave the manga readers a different kind of reading experience with the unusual combination of vampires and romance. The anime adaptation received even greater applause from the fandom. It is also available on Netflix! However, the first season has only eight episodes in total. And only six episodes have aired so far. This leaves us with two final episodes. The 7th episode of the anime will premiere on 19th August 2022. But as the Studio confirmed Call of the Night Season 2? To find out, continue reading the article!

When will Call of the Night’s sequel be released?

As mentioned earlier, only 6 of the eight episodes have gone on air. So, there is no news about its renewal status so far. Due to this, we do not have a confirmed release date for Call of the Night Season 2. It is also available on Netflix, so it looks like the streaming site has a say in its renewal. But the situation ahead seems uncertain from where we are standing right now. 

When will Call of the Night’s sequel be released?
When will Call of the Night’s sequel be released?

Well, as the anime has received impressive ratings on the platform, the renewal does not look like a far-fetched idea. But as we all know, Netflix is notorious for cancelling shows. Much famous anime series failed to escape the wrath of cancellations. But we have our fingers crossed for the future of Call of the Night! 

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Call of the Night revolves around the life of two main characters, Ko Yamori and Nazuna. Ko Yamori is a 14-year-old boy who has a weird dream to become a vampire after coming to terms with Nazuna. Nazuna is a rather shy girl who is a nightwalker. This special friendship with Nazuna brings great comfort to Ko, but he does not understand the complications. There is a mix of other vampire and human characters in the story! Ko only wants to transform into a vampire. For this one dream, he even drops out of school. Although he succeeds in developing a friendship with Nazuna, he must fall in love with her. But will he be able to turn into a vampire? You’ll have to watch Call of the Night on Netflix to find out! 

What is going to happen in Call of the Night Episode 7?

The 7th episode is just a few days away from us. But naturally, fans can’t contain their excitement because of where the story stands now. There is no plot synopsis for it, but all that we can do for now is rely on theories. 

Right now, the relationship between Nazuna and Yamori is quite intense. In the final scenes of the 6th episode, Yamori starts to realize how pretty Nazuna looks. At the same time, she tried to talk to other strangers. But the motive behind this was to make Yamori feel jealous. And she did succeed to a certain extent because Yamori started to feel a bit uneasy about others talking to Nazuna. Kiyosumi is also in the picture now! Yamori tries his best to convince her to follow in his footsteps, but she is still unmoved. This desperation of Yamori to persuade her also makes Nazuna feel jealous. 

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When Kiyosumi was sharing her worries with Yamori, her boss abruptly told her to do something related to work. We already know how much Kiyosumi struggles because of her toxic work environment. However, she will still ignore everything and rush to work. But to stop her, Nazuna threw her from the wedding. Although she saved her, this might have a greater impact on the story. So, now the question arises what path Kiyosumi will decide on? After the 7th episode airs, we’ll still have one more episode to stream. 

The original manga on which the anime is based has 11 volumes! This means plenty of stories can make the plot of more seasons. But of course, this decision is the Studio’s to make. There is no renewal news for Call of the Night Season 2, but it is not too late. You can also read the original manga from the official website. 

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