iPad OS 16 Delayed Officially

Apple recently confirmed that it is delaying the rollout of the recent new OS for iPads. So, technically iPad os 16 will not be available soon. Most of the time, Apple releases the iOS of the iPhone and iPad nearly in the same timeline. However, this will not be happening this year. According to the news-making round, which possibly can be a rumour that the new iPad os will be rolled out a month after the iPhone OS

iPad os 16 Is Not Happening

In a statement to TechCrunch, Apple confirmed that iPad OS 16 would not be happening soon. The company will release version 16.1 for iPad OS as a part of the free software update. iOS 16 will come out in September. Therefore, after a month’s delay, we can see an iPad os 16 updates in October. 


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The Reason Behind The Delay 

Apple has something big planned for the iPad. Also, it is the liberty to give iPad OS 16 its own space. However, this is not the main reason behind the delays. According to reports, Apple requires more time to fix the Stage Manager multitasking system of the OS. The developers involved in the software beta testing are not very happy with the Stage Manager. What exactly is the reason behind this unhappiness?

According to sources, the Stage Manager is buggy. Additionally, it lacks compatibility with most iPads running on the market. The current problem is that the Stage Manager also needs an M1 chip to work.

However, Apple did not directly cite the buggy issue of Stage Manager as the reason behind the delay. They sugar-coated and used terms like “big year for iPad OS.” Furthermore, they added that they have the flexibility to deliver iPadOS on their schedule. 

They further added that version 16.1 would be out during the fall. However, we do not have an exact release date for the same. 

What Is a Stage Manager?

We now know that the delay behind iPad os 16 is Stage Manager. But what is it? It is a multitasking feature designed to give iPad users the freedom to organize their apps and windows. It will further automatically place the main window at the front. Simultaneously, it will put all the other essential applications on the left-hand side to improve accessibility. 

What Is a Stage Manager?
What Is a Stage Manager?

In short, the Stage Manager plays a crucial role in the smooth transition between the different tasks happening on an iPad. 

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iPad os 16 Release Date


Apple will roll out new iPad models in October this year. Also, according to rumours, the it will be out in October. Therefore, everything makes sense now. Additionally, the users will receive version 16 as version 16.1. Even though we do not have a definite date, we know the release will happen this fall. Hopefully, we will see the new version in October if you are wondering when iPhone users will receive iOS 16.0. We have the answer for that too. IOS 16 for iPhone users will be rolled out in the coming weeks. 

iPad os 16.1 Beta Is Out For The Developers 

Before the rollout of an OS, the same is made available to the developers. It is to ensure beta testing. The Developers can now lay their hand on iPad OS 16.1 beta. This is available on the Apple Developer website as iPadOS 16.0 beta 7. We do not know the amount of difference between iPadOS 16.1 beta and iPadOS 16.0 beta 6. 

Also, we believe that a delay between iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will make things difficult for the developers. James Thomson pointed it out too. It is because most developers build universal apps for the OS. However, there is an easy way out for the developers. They can delay the app’s release until both updates are available to the users.

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We will soon update this section once the official date when the iPad os 16 release date is available. 

Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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