How to Fix ITV Error Code 01-01

ITV Error Code 01-01 often appears due to geographical restrictions or usually because of connectivity issues. It’s a common issue that can be easily fixed by quick hacks and cross-checks. Check out the following one-step guide.

Make Sure You Do Not Have Internet Connection Issues

ITV Error Code 01-01 is a uniform prompt for different issues. Hence, separate error messages will not appear to identify the exact problem. Thus, before trying more complex solutions, ensure your internet connection is secure without bandwidth limitations. A simple step is restarting your modem or router. Furthermore, an unstable connection can also disrupt the streaming service. Slow connection can also affect ITV Hub’s functionality and online experience.

Reboot Your Gadget

The easiest solution to ITV Error Code 01-01 is restarting the gadget. Any glitch in the system gets fixed with a quick restart. Turn off the power button and restart the ITV Hub+ app. Often, this can set an unstable internet connection as well.

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How to Fix ITV Error Code 01-01
How to Fix ITV Error Code 01-01

Clear Cache and Cookies

Cookies and caches tend to disclose your location by using a good VPN. ITV Error Code 01-01 can pop up if you have sufficient data on them. For a more streamlined internet experience, you wouldn’t want to clear your cookies and cache, so hop on to the next solution.
Additionally, try clearing the in-app cookies and cache for better performance.

Use a Dedicated Browser

If the ITV Error Code 01-01 keeps showing up despite clearing cookies and cache, you should keep earning them before every streaming session.
But a better solution is using a dedicated browser on your streaming device, preferably Firefox or one you do not use frequently. Take the following measures to ensure ITV Error Code 01-01 does not appear.

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Turn Off Adguard

In the dedicated browser, turn off Adguard for smoother functioning of ITV Hub+. It can also allow the system to track your IP address and block accessibility of content from locations outside the UK. Hence blocking the site and producing ITV Error Code 01-01.

Try Disabling VPN Connection and Proxies

If you are in the UK, you should try turning off VPN servers and proxies to eliminate the ITV Error Code 01-01. VPN servers and proxies tend to hide your exact location by sending out a different IP address. Hence, your connection will get blocked. Disable them and restart the app if facing this problem in the UK.

Use Express VPN and Set the Location to the UK

If you are a user of the ITVX App, you may already know that it is only accessible in the UK because of its strict content licenses and broadcasting limitations. Hence, you can only access their content library using a VPN service showing a UK IP address.

Furthermore, invest in a good VPN connection to prevent ITV Error Code 01-01 from coming up. Set the location to anywhere in the UK to avoid getting blocked. An example of a premium VPN connection is Express VPN. You can also check out the ones that give a 30-day money-back guarantee or a 1-day free trial with a 12-month ExpressVPN or 3-year plan at an affordable cost. You can also pay for private internet access to view your favorite content.

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Try Switching to An Alternate Device

Sometimes, the update is unavailable on your phone or TV app due to storage or compatibility issues. Hence, try switching to a different device to rule out the cause of getting ITV Error Code 01-01.

Call or Recheck if There’s a Service Outage

It is a rare occurrence, but service outages do occur. Hence, check the official website, ITV representative, or their official social media channels for any updates on possible service outages. Indeed, it may cause a stubborn ITV Error Code 01-01 pop-up.

Update Your ITV App

If all else fails, try updating your ITV app; you’re probably using an older version incompatible with your installed version. Additionally, the licensing agreements may be renewed that need new user agreements.

You can only fix the ITV Error Code 01-01 this way if you use the app on your phone, smart TV, updated Windows with browser plug-ins, or a compatible laptop. Turn on auto-update or go to the Google Play Store or App Store to install the latest update. It will probably fix the bugs causing ITV Error Code 01-01.
Check for updates in browser settings. Otherwise.

Call ITV Support

The final resort is directly speaking with an ITV representative and using standard troubleshooting techniques. They can give specific guidance on how to crack the ITV Error Code 01-01.


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