We Pump the Level in Final Fantasy 14 and Develop the Character

One of the cult developers Square Enix gave a serious development and transferred to the MMO RPG one of their most successful games – Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy 14 has become a logical continuation of the single-player part, in which the player can play his role by creating his own unique avatar, which will be directly involved in the game universe and contribute to the development of events on the server.

The total time for the passage of the main content will take at least 100 hours of game time.

It’s not enough just to upgrade a character – you need to equip and equip weapons, buy potions to continue the standard of living in serious battles and PVP. To do this, you need a lot of gold, which is called gils in the world of Final Fantasy.

We Pump the Level in Final Fantasy 14 and Develop the Character
We Pump the Level in Final Fantasy 14 and Develop the Character

You can farm gils through the quest system, grind and kill monsters, collect resources and sell them through the crafting and trading system in Final Fantasy 14, or just buy ffxiv gil SkyCoach.

Skycoach is a professional service that provides various useful services to players with guarantees of anonymity, security and provides a money-back guarantee in case of disputes.

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Leveling in Final Fantasy 14

Leveling in Final Fantasy 14
Leveling in Final Fantasy 14

The levels in Final Fantasy 14 are pumped quite simply, but the process itself will not be fast and there are several reasons for this:

  1. Developers teach players new mechanics and gradually increase the level of difficulty so that it is interesting for gamers to increase levels and delve into the project, but at the same time leave the challenge element without excesses, so as not to scare off those players who come for progress, and not for a brutal game .
  2. Gradual and unhurried pumping is needed so that the player has the opportunity to accumulate enough resources for a comfortable game at level 60 or 90, depending on the type of game chosen – free or paid subscription.


Every MMO RPG has a quest system, and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception.

You will take on main quests to gain experience and gils, explore the story, and engage in storytelling with many iconic characters from across the FF series.

There are also secondary quests that have a random reward, which sometimes is not even calculated in the number of monsters that you need to kill, but how many you yourself want to kill and exchange for a reward.

Secondary tasks in themselves are useless, without a systematic approach to their use.

The ideal format is when such assignments will be used as an addition to the story quests, if they can be completed in the same game location. Only in this format, non-main quests will be useful.

Random tasks

Every day, Final Fantasy will offer players to participate in daily tasks with a good increase in experience and gils.

It is extremely important to have time to complete all the conditions for receiving the reward before the end of time, otherwise the assignment will simply be updated and will not bring any benefit for the time and effort spent.

Orders can be completely different, but often this is the killing of certain monsters that suit your level, and if the locations coincide with the main tasks, they can be an ideal addition to experience and gils.


Another random activity aimed at gaining experience and gold by destroying monsters that begin to spontaneously appear in one of the locations.

You need to pack up and fly to the right place as soon as possible if you want to squeeze out the maximum experience.

There will be a limited number of monsters, so try to use AoE to get experience from all the enemies hit. The total amount of competition will be very high and you will get exactly as much experience as you can deal damage to each monster. If your character can’t kill enemies quickly, or deal strong AoE damage, then just don’t waste your time on FATE, and keep on grinding and main quests.

Hunt sheets

In all areas, you will meet special pillars, which will contain lists of monsters and animals that need to be destroyed for the sake of rewards and experience, and you can make good money on this, especially if an order turns up in the same location where you went as part of the main quests.


Dungeons are special areas where players go as part of groups to destroy enhanced monsters – bosses and for additional experience and special equipment that can be obtained in these places.

Often dungeons have their own requirements for entry, which consist in the level of equipment that you must have for admission, otherwise you simply will not be allowed inside.

Of the pluses, one can note the chance of obtaining armor and weapons of a much higher quality than what is required of you initially.

Usually all dungeon crawls are three boss assaults with constantly increasing difficulty levels and special attacks that you need to learn and memorize in order to pass the raid without errors again and again and greatly strengthen your hero.

You must strictly comply with the minimum level required to enter. Exceeding the requirement is not a problem – the system itself will adjust you to the required criteria, but being weaker than the desired level will not work.

Additional tips for leveling and bonuses to experience

Additional tips for leveling and bonuses to experience
Additional tips for leveling and bonuses to experience

Take on Squadron Missions – Final Fantasy 14 has factions that handle naval and standing army missions that you can join for special rewards, new gameplay, and another opportunity to earn experience.

For the missions of either side, you will be able to receive a buff that will significantly increase the gain in gaming experience for 2 hours of playing time.

Cook and eat food – it will give not only useful characteristics for a time, which depends on the quality of the ingredients and the skills of the cook, and will increase the overall % of experience gained from killing monsters.

You can upgrade your cooking by harvesting meat and fish and using them to sell dishes for yourself and your allies.

Find shrines and other havens for quality rest. When your character is restored, he gains more experience than without rest.

Try to pump in groups – the more monsters you can collect in large packs and destroy as part of a group, the faster the experience gain will be due to speed – even if you take the division of killing the same monster for the whole group and alone – you are unlikely to kill so many the same monsters in a short amount of time yourself.

There is nothing to say about playing as a support and semi-dps – such classes are in dire need of the help of other players to accelerate their growth in levels. Such professions will develop on their own for too long, but if they don’t want to accept you in groups, just collect your own, but don’t go into solo pumping.


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