You Gotta Learn The Bingo Lingo…If You Wanna Play The Game Online

There’s no denying the rush that comes with a round of bingo. The excitement builds with every number that’s called out, leaving you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. But like any other game, getting to know the lingo can seriously boost your chances of success. That’s why we suggest before trying to use that free bingo no-deposit bonus code, you learn about some useful terms related to the game. That way you’ll be increasing your probability of actually winning!

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So, as you sit there picturing the endless possibilities tied to each ball draw, spare a moment to delve into the world of bingo lingo. To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular bingo terms. Get familiar with these, and watch how those calls can very well turn into moments of victory!

The following is a list of the most commonly-used bingo terms, so in case you might not have been familiar with any of these words and phrases, we suggest you take note!


75-ball bingo: In the American variant of the classic bingo game, cards have 75 squares. Your objective is to cover either all the squares or a particular pattern. The first player to get all the squares covered would be the winner.

90-ball bingo: Multiple rewards are available in this game: a prize for completing 1 line, 2 lines, and a full house, each with different monetary values. The player who covers any of these first, wins.

Admission: The number of tickets required to be eligible to participate.

Admission Pack: A collection of bingo cards.

Anyway: A phrase used to refer to a bingo arrangement.

Bingo: A game in which numbers are called out randomly, and whoever manages to match all the called numbers on their bingo cards first would shout out “BINGO” and becomes the winner.

Bingo Card: Participation in the game of Bingo requires bingo cards, which must be bought before joining. Each bingo card includes a total of either 15 or 24 numbers.

Bingo lobby: This term refers to the online space that displays all the available bingo games for you to choose from. You can select your preferred room and purchase advance tickets through the bingo lobby.

Calls: The numbers announced for the drawn balls.

Cash Ball: A progressive jackpot that’s awarded upon calling Bingo, and the cash ball is the final number called.

Chat room: A digital space where online bingo players can communicate with each other while playing.

Consolation Prize: A prize that has a lesser value than the main bingo prize. This is awarded in special games when no winners emerge or when the criteria aren’t met.

Coverall: Also termed as a Blackout, a coverall occurs when a pattern is formed from a bingo card. This entails all numbers in the pattern being called for a win.

Four Corners: A pattern consisting of 4 numbers positioned in the corners of the card.

Free Space: The central square on the bingo card without a number.

Full house: When you complete your ticket by marking off all the numbers.

House: The venue where bingo is played, either a physical bingo hall or an online bingo site.

Jackpot: A large reward available to the winner of a bingo game.

Money Ball: If the bingo game includes a money ball, the player’s winnings are doubled if the bingo is achieved with that particular number.

Multiple Winners: When two or more bingo players win using the same number. When this occurs, the prize is shared equally among them.

Nine-Pack: Also referred to as a Block of Nine, a Nine-Pack is a pattern that requires the covering of 9 squares arranged in a block.

On the Way: This term refers to using a card for an initial game on the same sheet as the following coverall game.

Pattern: The configuration of numbers a bingo player must cover using the announced numbers during the game.

Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot that increases in value as more tickets are bought for the game.

Payout: The funds that are given out as winnings.

Session: A series of standard games played collectively.

Six-Pack: Referred to as a Block of Six, a Six-Pack is a pattern where you need to cover the 6 squares arranged in a block.

Split Pot: A bingo game in which the winner shares the sales revenue with the bingo hall.

Wild Number: A number that’s freely provided to players.

Winner Take All: A coverall game whereby the entire winnings are awarded to the winner.

The last game of a session.

Finally, mastering bingo lingo isn’t just about the words – it’s about feeling in control of the game. And, just like any other pursuit, the more you practice, the better you become. Just make sure you choose a safe online platform to play, and with these terms in your toolkit, you’re good to go! So, let the bingo balls roll, stay curious, ask questions, and enjoy the feeling of mastering your game like a pro!


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