iOS 16 beta: Should You Update Your iPhone or not?

Apple has recently rolled out several iPhone, iPad, and Mac updates, including the iOS 16 beta. Most iPhone users have been notified about the recent iOS update, including a long list of new features and improvements. With the iOS 16 beta, the users will finally have the power to edit and delete the message sent in iMessage. Apple has released the beta version to give the app makers the time to make the required integration of the new APIs and features in their very own apps. A paid developer account will provide the developer access to the beta version for making the required changes. 

iOS 16 beta will go live next month, and everyone will have access to the updates. However, with the beta version now in hand, iPhone users are wondering whether they should install this latest update yet or not. 

Should You Install the iOS 16 beta yet?

The beta word indicates that it is not a finished project. Therefore, issues related to bugs are bound to happen once the users install it. When the users start complaining about the bugs, Apple will fix them before rolling out the final iOS 16. Sometimes, the bugs and other issues create so much trouble that even doing the basic tasks on an iPhone becomes problematic. In addition, installing the beta version might also cause compatibility issues with other apps.

Should You Install the iOS 16 beta yet?
Should You Install the iOS 16 beta yet?

This issue generally comes into the picture because they have not been updated yet to match the beta version. The inability to use an app due to compatibility issues can be highly frustrating for obvious reasons. Also, the smartphone’s battery life during the beta program becomes terrible. For instance, if you expect your fully charged iPhone to function ten hours a day, you can easily cut the time duration in half. 

Therefore, it is recommended not to install the iOS 16 beta yet. This will save you from too many unrequired inconveniences. Once the beta cycle is over, Apple will have enough feedback to roll out a polished version. On top of it, once you install the beta version, you will not even have the option to go back to iOS 15, especially if you want to keep all the data intact. 

Even though it might look appealing to jump and install it because the installation process is straightforward, please do not fall for it. The beta version is generally not designed for general users. It is actually for the developers who, by working on it, get the time to make the required update in their app to make them ready for the finished product. Therefore, do not install this update. 

What To Do If You Want To Install?

If you plan to install the beta version, you need to take a few precautions. As we have already discussed, once you install the beta version, you won’t have the option to go back to iOS 15. Therefore, it is important to carry a backup. Before installing the update, carry out a thorough backup of all an iPhone’s important data to avoid any future issues. With a backup, switching back to iOS 15 is possible without losing any data. In addition, please note that you can only install the iOS 16 beta if you have an iPhone 8 or a later version. You cannot install the beta version on the previous phone models like iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. 

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