What We Know About iPhone 14 So Far

iPhone 14 has become the recent talk of the town with leakage of its new design and price. Currently, it is believed to be in its trial production which means that it will hit the market at a later stage maybe but that didn’t stop the rumours from flying about the design, price and specs of the phone. 

iPhone 14: Design 

The leaked images of the iPhone 14 indicate that the smartphone will be featuring a punch-hole camera on the front side. Even though it is not something new for Android users, it is something that the regular iPhone users can look forward to. Further, with it, Apple will be saying goodbye to the notch and will definitely alter the designs of not only the iPhone 14 but also the upcoming iPhones too. According to GizChina, the removal of the notch will increase the screen ratio of it However, it is not known whether the hole-punch-sized notch is available for both iPhone 14 and Pro or only iPhone 14 Pro. iPhone 14 might sport a 6.1-inch display along with an LTPO panel. 


iPhone 14 is predicted to have a design that combines the look of iPhone 12 and iPhone 4. It is expected to have flat edges which could include a mute button along with additional buttons for controlling the volume of the device. This new one supposedly will be better than the previous iPhones in terms of its strength because the material used to craft it could be Titanium. 


Apart from the changes in the design, iPhone will also bring in a whole lot of new specs too. For instance, it is believed that iPhone 14 will be all about e-SIM and there will be no SIM port available in the phone. Further, iPhone  might not feature the current triple-rear camera setup. The triple-camera setup might be replaced with a 48MP lens. The biggest change that one is expected to see on it is its memory capacity of 2TB with QLC flash. There is no official announcement about these big changes that we might see. In addition to this, it might also be powered with an A16 Bionic chip. Also, the return of Touch ID is expected in it. However, the Touch ID might be embedded under the display of it is like most of the fingerprint sensors that run on Android devices. However, the information about the same is dicey as different sources provide different news about the return of Touch ID on iPhone 14. Other rumours have suggested that it might also get USB-C connectivity.It might also opt for a 5G chip that will improve the battery of the smartphone considerably. The RAM is still unclear but it is believed that the smartphone will support 6GB of RAM. 

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iPhone 14: Release Date 

There is no official announcement regarding the release date of the iPhone 14. However, if Apple follows the trends of the launch events of previous iPhones, one might get to see iPhone 14 making its debut in September 2022. Currently, the smartphone is believed to be in trial production. Mostly, Apple goes for such trials in February to help them better finalize the design of the phone and further, check the quality of its devices along with inspection of issues in the manufacturing process. 

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It is hard to predict the price of the it. However, according to the rumours, the price will be somewhere similar to the price of the iPhone 13. A regular 13 costs $799 and the users can expect a similar price range for 14 too. 

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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