Tesla Phone Rumored Price, Release Date, Specs, And Rumors

It seems like the rumor mill is back on for the Tesla phone. Tech enthusiasts are constantly sharing their ideas of what to expect from a smartphone by Elon Musk and it’s quite incredible. Moreover, the chances for this phone seem more real now than ever since Tesla has been releasing products in different categories.

The rumored Tesla phone might be named Tesla Model Pi or Tesla Model P. Either way, the phone is expected to have numerous specs and features. And we have shared them all below!

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Tesla Phone Price

While the Tesla Pi phone still has to be confirmed, it is expected that the phone will cost between $800 to $1200. And the price will be quite justifiable considering all the amazing specs it’s rumored to have. However, new versions might come later on for a much more reasonable price.

Tesla Phone Release Date

The first flagship phone from Tesla still needs to be confirmed. So, no release date can be predicted for the phone. It seems like fans will have to wait a bit longer for Elon Musk to make anything official.

Pre-order Tesla Phone

Looking at all the anticipation the Tesla phone has even before its official announcement, we think that it will be available for pre-order for anyone wanting to get their hands on it first. However, as soon as it becomes available for pre-order we will share it here.

Tesla Phone Specs and Hardware

Tesla Phone
Tesla Phone

It is expected that the phone will be around 6.5 inches with an AMOLED display. The storage capacity will probably be around 1 or 2 TB. And RAM will be 16GB or even more. It might even have a color-changing ability. These colors will change according to the weather. Some say that the phone will mine cryptocurrency.

And why not! Elon Musk has always been so open about his views on cryptocurrency. Some even believe that Musk will come up with his own cryptocurrency that the Tesla phone will mine. However, a lot of hard work and even hardware changes will be needed for this kind of feature.


Tesla is known for making products with impeccable features. So, it’s no surprise tech experts expect a lot from a Tesla Phone. We have heard that the phone might have satellite internet. This is because Elon Musk’s other company owns Starlink.

Moreover, it is also expected that the phone will have the ability of solar charging. While the phone will be able to get charged using electricity, it will also come with a cover that will allow solar charging. This idea is again possible to come to life as Tesla does manufacture solar panels and vehicles. 

In addition to this, it is also expected that the phone will have astrophotography. This is because phones these days are already coming with great cameras. But a phone that has SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus would be able to take outstanding pictures of astronomical objects.

According to some people, a Tesla Phone with Neuralink seems quite a possibility. This is because Musk has told multiple times how he thinks Neuralink is the future. Neuralink is “designing the first neural implant that will let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go.” And Musk is also the owner of this company. So, it makes sense if he chooses to make the Tesla phone with Neuralink support.

Tesla has already come up with its own vehicles and an app that allows you to control them. The app allows to lock or unlock the car, summon it and control media playback. This app might be pre-installed in the Tesla phone or it might be built into the operating system. There are chances that the app will have some special features that only a Tesla phone will have.

But at the end of the day, these are all rumors. And nothing has been confirmed by Tesla yet.

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