Hello Kitty x Nike Will collab Soon

Welcome back fam! Today we are here to discuss the recent announcement made by Nike They are planning to revisit a very special edition from 2004.  As per the report it was revealed that Nike is planning on collaborating once again with the special edition of Hello Kitty for its Air Presto shoes this was last done in 2004 and the reports tell us that it is possible that they might be back with this idea again.

As of now, it is not certain when exactly would the new version of Nike Air Presto x Hello Kitty would arrive in the market but as per the reports, we know this has been delayed a lot. However, we are sure that it might be in stores really soon. Till now no certain images for the upcoming version of the shoes have been released by the makers yet and if Nike will reissue the colorways or update any other design for this collaboration am not even sure.

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When Is the Limited Version of Hello Kitty X Nike Going to Be Back?

The Nike shoe x Hello Kitty is more like a Unicorn for all the people who wish to buy these shoes.  This collaboration has never got a complete full release ever since its original run.  Earlier these shoes were planned on to be made with a total of 500 pairs with completely four different colors and eventually, stocks went to complete limited edition.

And if we look into it a few Limited people including friends and family and some other distributors had these collections with them. The famous footwear designer Steven Smith who is now working as a designer with Adidas in Kanye West’s Yeezy brand had worked with this special edition of Nike x Hello Kitty Prestos when it was first released he was also involved in creating the designs for these shoes. 


Steven Smith: the Designer of the Original Collection Said That the Air Prestos Might Not Be Back

In an interview held in June for the complex Nike podcast, Smith shared all his roles in making the shoes of the special edition. He explained that the former CEO of Nike, Mark Parker had asked them to work on this special project as he was very much aware Smith was a follower of Japanese culture. 

Smith further continued that he had initially sampled a total of 7 shoes for this special collaboration and along with him Sanrio had worked on 4 to 5 samples and they worked with those samples themselves. He also shared that this project was planned on to be made with at least 500 sneakers of various different styles and it never turned out that way thus they only had made a total of 10 to 24 pairs of each style and worked on with that.

The designer also shared that they had kept some sample versions that Nike had never fully introduced to the market and till now he also has all the graphic files he used during that time while designing the shoes.

The 2004 version of Nike Air Presto x Hello Kitty was made with an intention to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Famous characters Sanrio. Smith had left Nike since 2009 and also shared in the Complex Sneakers Podcast which happened in June that this collaboration has no chance of coming back anytime soon.

Even though this news is not confirmed yet we are hopeful that Nike is going to make an official announcement regarding this statement soon. And for any further news stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite Brands and favorite shows. 

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