Apple Glasses are expected to Release in 2025 with RealityOS

Apple Glasses may come out in 2025 and fulfill all our Augmented Reality dreams! These spectacular glasses are expected to be chic and sophisticated while still offering the best tech features in the market.

Rumors of apple-producing high-tech AR “Apple Glass” have been increasing day by day. People will be able to interact with digital objects in their everyday life using these mind-blowing glasses. Additionally, they are expected to be a one size fits just like the Apple smartwatches! The glasses will probably use Apple’s highly demanded operating system, RealityOS, which is expected to come out soon. 

So when can we expect to try out this highly anticipated tech wear? Will it come out anytime soon? Keep on reading to find out the latest updates about Apple Glasses, including its release date and features! 

Apple Glasses Release Date 

Apple will make all sci-fi fans’ dreams come true with its Apple Glasses which were initially rumored to come out in 2023. However, certain hindrances have pushed their release date by a few years. 

Apple Glasses Release Date 
Apple Glasses Release Date

Apple Glasses will be highly sophisticated tech wearables that will show information on their lenses. They must have the full range of AR features with high battery power and processing while still being compact and stylish! Thus, it makes sense that the glasses may take a couple more years to come out, as Apple still has a long way to go! 

Before Apple Glasses comes out, Apple will first need to release the rumored operating system RealityOS. This software will be the stepping stone for the company as it enters the world of Augmented Reality! Moreover, after the OS is unveiled, Apple will probably release its AR/VR headset before its glasses! The headset will be less complex and easier to make. It will prepare the technology and software required for making the complex Apple Glasses. It is expected to consist of bulky goggles which will display the digital world to users inside a visor. 

The Apple Headset and RealityOS are expected to come out in 2023. According to this timeline, if their release happens, we may get to wear the spectacular Apple Glasses in 2025! However, there is no official release date for the glasses as Apple has not even acknowledged their existence yet! 

Apple Glasses Features

Apple solely believes in the slogan “Go Big Or Go Home.” Thus, if it does come out with its own set of Apple Glasses, users should not expect anything less than mind-boggling features! However, we do not have any official word on the Glasses from Apple itself. All the information we know is through leaks from reliable sources and a few rumors that seem legitimate! 

Apple Glasses Features
Apple Glasses Features

All the exclusive Apple Glasses rumors, patents, and leaks are mentioned below.


Apple has not revealed any pictures of the glasses. However, we expect them to look fashionable, just like the smartwatches. 

The design of the glasses is perhaps one of the most complex parts of making them. The style, color, and lens shape will determine whether they’re a hit or not! Jon Prosser, a reliable leaker who has several sources in Apple, described them as “sleek.” However, he predicted they would come out in 2021, which did not happen. Thus, we do not know the authenticity of this leak. Prosser also said that a heritage edition of the glasses would be released in honor of Steve Job’s glasses. But Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that these leaks were not true.

Additionally, half-inch Micro OLED displays are rumored to be included in the Apple headset. Sony will probably supply them. These same displays may become a part of the Apple Glasses too.

In 2020, a patent for the glasses was also revealed. According to it, the glass’s lens will contain fluids to change its shape in accordance with the wearer’s eyesight.

Battery Life and Processing Power

Apple Glasses will need powerful processors along with smart displays and wireless signaling. Thus, they will need a huge battery while still managing to maintain the sleek look of the glasses.

Thus, the glasses may need to be connected to an iPhone as they may rely on them for processing needs. This will significantly cut down the processing power. Thus, the battery will only be needed to power the display and sensors, and it will be possible to reduce its size.


Apple will probably not include cameras on Apple glasses, which will be a significant privacy invasion. Sensors like LiDAR may be used to allow the wearer to be aware of his environment while protecting other people’s privacy. 

Moreover, it is also rumored that other people will not be able to see the contents of the glasses as only the person wearing them will be able to see them. 

Alternatively, Apple may include the cameras but make them removable. A patent to fix the privacy issues caused by cameras by making them removable reads,

“The modular accessory would also make it possible for venues such as bars and theaters to ban the modular accessory while still allowing the HMD frame (without the accessory) into the venues.”

Vision Correction 

Apart from being fashionable and allowing wearers to use AR, It will probably also have a third function! They might act as proper glasses which allow users to fix their eyesight according to their prescription. This rumor came into being after a patent granted to Apple was leaked. 

Allegedly, users won’t need to get prescription lenses for this, as the Apple lens is expected to automatically correct vision using an “optical subassembly.” 


Apple uses ARkit to allow its smartphones to use AR in apps like Pokemon Go and Snapchat. It combines images captured by cameras, motion tracking, and scene processing to enable users to enjoy the full range of AR features. 

Developers also place certain objects in specific locations in the real world using location anchors. Then, users can interact with these objects in their environment using their smartphones. 

Apple may use ARkit in Apple Glasses to offer all the features of AR. 

Other Features 

It will probably link up with your iPhone and allow you to read your texts, emails, etc., directly without looking at your phone. A report released by Bloomberg mentions this feature saying that the glasses

“are expected to synchronize with a wearer’s iPhone to display things such as texts, emails, maps, and games over the user’s field of vision.”

Moreover, the glasses may have their app store just like Apple Watch and Apple TV stores! 

Apple Glasses Price 

In May 2020, Jon Prosser revealed some exciting information about the Apple Glass Price. According to him, the price of the sensational glasses will be $499. The prescription lenses cost is not included in this and will increase the price by a couple of hundred dollars as they will probably need to be custom-made. 

Apple Glasses Price 
Apple Glasses Price

The price seems pretty decent! In comparison, the Microsoft Hololens 2 is $3,500, including the cost of all the electronics needed for it.

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