iPhone 13 Rumors Which Proved True

Nearly every year, the whole world gets obsessed with the new iPhone. On the one hand, it’s good, because it shows that the company is on the right path. On the other hand, it is scary because people seem to be too insane about smartphones. We can do nothing with it and have to put up with the overall fascination with these smartphones. And in truth, they are worth being discussed and purchased. You can state that you aren’t an Apple fan and you aren’t waiting for the September presentation, but deep down, you’re eager to see how the new smartphone will look like.

Sometimes it seems that it’s impossible to invent a device that’ll surprise the audience because it’s quite challenging to make a breakthrough in 2021. However, it’s easier than we all think. We countdown the hours till the 3rd Apple launch event. Experts and amateurs continue gearing up rumors and insights as to what to expect in the new smartphone. We have scoured all the most reliable and well-known resources, gathered people’s assumptions, found the official concepts floating around the Internet, and are ready to tell you what rumors are more like truth.

Judging by the statistics, 40% of iPhone users are likely to add iPhone 13 to wishlists and switch to a new device after the release. 

iPhone 13
iPhone 13

Price won’t get higher

Even though we used to think that the rumors and leaks usually relate to technical specifications and design, the information about the price is still valuable for future customers. It’s even difficult to say that the price hike is a rumor. Quite the opposite, this information was released by the Apple chip supplier. The information about the possible price appeared online in early September. However, a day or two ago, Pineleaks, a reputable insider, reported that the iPhone prices wouldn’t rise. If you keep an eye on tech updates, you’ve probably heard about this person and know that their opinion is to be trusted. Students and all people who struggle to make ends meet while saving up for the new iPhone may breathe out. By the way, we advise college students who work to pay for essays online at least sometimes to get rid of the heavy workload and get back on track. 

Larger battery capacity

We all were surprised by the good battery life of the iPhone 11. The next model performed even better, but competitors still managed to show even more impressive results. Battery charge is never enough, and the audience expects to see a bigger battery capacity.  All companies try to increase this specification in new smartphones they produce, and Apple isn’t an exception. The leaks show that the battery will be bigger. The batteries in different iPhone 13 models will range between 2,400 to 4,300 mAh, that’s 18% bigger than in iPhone 12. 

No significant changes in design

It’s hard to say that Apple is the company presenting a  breakthrough design in each new model. They manage to add new details, slightly change the overall look but retain the characteristic features. Most of the renders showed that the design would remain the same, apart from the increased thickness. We also suppose that the camera bump will be bigger due to the need to accommodate new scanners and other improvements. By the way, there was a render with a diagonal camera module. This camera placement is far from being true. The one thing for sure is the new color of the iPhone 13 Apple should present soon. 

High refresh-rate display

Tech geeks are obsessed with the 120 Hz display and always tend to admonish Apple for the absence of the 120 HZ refresh rate. However, they seem to forget that the iPad Pro released in 2017 has it. We don’t think that this characteristic is so crucial and important for smartphone users to be implemented, but the chances that we’ll see this display in iPhone 13 are big. Since we started discussing display, it’s also worth mentioning the new OLED display in the upcoming smartphone. LCD displays should become a thing of the past, and we suppose 90% of iPhone 11 users will agree with it. 

1TB storage

Do you always lack free space on your iPhone even though you buy a 512GB iPhone? We have good news for you that should make you feel as happy as ever before. Apple will finally present a 1TB storage device for all users who lack memory to store photo and video content, download apps, and save music to listen to later. 

The bottom line

If we delve into other widespread gossip and rumors, this article will last longer than the upcoming presentation. You might have heard that the new iPhone won’t have a charging port, touch ID, always-on display, camera updates, and many more. Some of them would be good, and others are redundant. Well, let’s wait till the official presentation starts, and we’ll find out everything about the new device. 


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster covers Business News at OSN.

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