The new leaks stated that the 2021 iPhone would be called “iPhone 13”. While the other versions will be called “iPhone Mini,” “iPhone Pro,” and “iPhone Pro Max.”

The leaks came through the supply chain system that the manufacturer Apple relies on to prepare its phones. As it ordered the American company to prepare phones bearing these names.

The screen size of the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” will be 6.7 inches. Meanwhile, the “iPhone 13” screen size will be 6.1 inches, according to the “Macrumors” website.

What’s New in iPhone 13 Leaks?

Among other leaks, Apple is seeking to develop a wireless charger for the phone, via “MagSafe” technology, according to the Max Weinbach technical website.

iPhone 13 leaks

MagSafe technology works by having a magnetic ring located on the back of the phone, which allows the wireless charger to direct power to the phone even as you move the phone while charging.

Although this technology is present in the previous version, “iPhone 12”, it will be in a new look in the new phone. More powerful than before, providing a higher wattage than it is currently.

Release Date

Usually, Apple, the manufacturer of iPhones, reveals the new versions of its devices in September. Still, it announced the last version in October due to the repercussions of the Corona crisis.

It is expected that Apple will return to its traditional date next September after the regularity of work. Which was disrupted last year due to the epidemic.

Previous leaks said that the iPhone 13 would include longer battery life and improved cameras to capture videos from a vertical position and an ultra-wide lens.