Apple iPhone 15 Will Have Type-C Port: Kuo

According to the latest report, Apple iPhone 15 might replace its signature lightning port with USB Type-C according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the framed Apple analyst. This report came after the speculation that Apple will be ditching the notch for iPhones lined up for 2024. Till now, Apple has stayed away from USB Type-C. It might have now decided to make a move towards it because of EU legislation.

Apple iPhone 15 To Get USB-C Port

Ming-Chi Kuo after revealing that Apple iPhone 15 will be receiving a USB-C port said that this port will improve the transfer rate and the charging speed of the iPhone. However, any additional details of the same will depend upon the iOS support. If Apple goes for a USB-C port, it might also focus on creating other USB-C related suppliers to include it in the Apple ecosystem and this will be the focus of Apple for the next one to two years.

Apple iPhone 15 To Get USB-C Port
Apple iPhone 15 To Get USB-C Port

The reports of Apple switching to USB-C port come after legislation that has been recently passed in EU that has made it mandatory for the smartphone makers to adopt USB Type-C as the charging port for all the portable devices. Many manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets have already moved to Type-C chargers and Apple would be the last one to make the move. The EU has recently passed this legislation to reduce electronic waste, make electronic devices more sustainable and make it convenient for the users to use different devices. This legislation also removes the burden from the consumers that require them to buy cables and chargers with each new purchase that they make. These purchases usually are referring to smartphones, tablets, headsets, headphones, video game consoles, digital cables and portable speakers. The only gadgets which have been exempted from adopting Type-C ports are the smartwatches and the fitness trackers that are not big enough to accommodate Type-C ports.

Apple Products Already Have Accepted USB-C Ports

Apple iPhone 15 will not be the first Apple product to adopt a USB-C port. It has already embraced the USB-C port for its latest iPads. In addition to that, many MacBooks already support USB compatible Thunderbolts.

Apple Products Already Have Accepted USB-C Ports
Apple Products Already Have Accepted USB-C Ports

Why Does the EU Want To Have The Same Ports Across All The Devices?

Now that you know that the EU has mandated the use of USB-C ports, one might wonder why it took this step. According to a report, a consumer in the EU, on average, owns three smartphone charges, out of these three chargers, two chargers are used on a regular basis. Even after owning three chargers, 38% of the consumers faced problems at least once where they could not charge their smartphone because of an incompatibility issue. As a result, consumers spend a huge sum of money on buying standalone chargers.

Also, unused and disposed of charges generate 11,0000 tonnes of electronic waste each year, which is extremely unsustainable and even dangerous for the environment. While commenting on it Margrethe Vestager said that the European customers are not frustrated with piles of incompatible chargers. The EU has already given enough time to the smartphone industry to come up with a solution but they have failed to do so and therefore, legislative action for a common charger has been passed. This will be a winning solution for both the environment and the consumers.

Previously, Apple did not want to have a common charging port. The reason cited for it was that it will hurt their innovation and further, it will generate electronic waste as its users have to switch to new cables. However, now that the EU has passed clear legislation, Apple cannot help but go for a USB-C port for the Apple iPhone 15.

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