Tesla Model Pi Smartphone – Price and Features you Need to Know

Tesla phone has been making rounds and people from all around the world are wondering whether it is real or some sort of hoax. It is now known that Tesla has been theorizing a smartphone and the same are labeled as Model Pi and this has thrown many tech enthusiasts in a good rush. Currently, there is very little information about Model Pi and with little speculation about the Tesla phone, there have been plenty of speculations in the market. Tesla is known for its innovation and therefore, one can expect the unexpected from Model Pi if it ever makes an appearance. However, one can surely expect to see technological innovation in the Tesla phone. 

What Features To Expect From Tesla Phone?

What Features To Expect From Tesla Phone?
What Features To Expect From Tesla Phone?

It is expected that Model Pi will be carrying exciting features like Neuralink support, solar charging, astrophotography, crypto mining, vehicle control and satellite internet. Tesla Model Pi can be treated as a futuristic-looking smartphone. There has been various news about the Model Pi smartphone and some of these features are actually too good to be true.

Model Pi Specs

Before moving to the specs part of the new Tesla phone, it needs to be known that the specs listed here are speculation and nothing official. It is believed that Model Pi will be running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 or higher. It will also include 2 TB of flash storage and a super AMOLED display. Also, one can see a special coating on the body of the smartphone which will change colors. It is expected that the color of the body of the smartphone will respond to environmental factors. Model Pi might also have a sub-screen front camera and quad camera. Few speculations even state that the lens of the camera will be so powerful that one will be able to view the space too which is something too good to be true. Also, it is believed that Tesla phones can be charged with solar power. Basically, that will allow the smartphone to charge itself when placed in sunlight. Also, one would be able to control the Tesla car with the Tesla phone. 

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Other speculations of Model Pi features include compatibility with Starlink and work on Marks and in addition to that, it will also work with Neuralink. Also, it is believed that the Tesla phone will have the power to mine cryptocurrency and will become the first satellite phone that will be available for the masses in large. 

Tesla Phone Price

The price of the Tesla phone will not cost its customers the price of any other regular smartphone. It is, of course, nothing surprising provided the fact that the features of the Tesla phone are way too advanced to cost a few small bucks. A rough estimate of the Model Pi smartphone is around $2,500 to $4,000. However, the price of the smartphone is still not available. 

Pi Phone Release Date 

Even though there have been rumours that a Pi Phone is in development, nothing is officially confirmed. It was previously believed that the Pi Phone will be available by 2021 and 2021 is gone and there is no announcement of the phone yet. Later, the new release date was supposed to be in 2022 but again there is news about it. If one goes with practical thinking, it would be safe to say that one will not see the launch of the Pi phone by 2025. 

Until any official announcement is made regarding the new Tesla phone, one can simply hope that such a smartphone is in the making and soon, it will be available to the masses irrespective of the costs of the smartphone. 

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