‘Apex Legends Mobile’ launches in 10 countries

Apex Legends Mobile is now officially available on smartphones and in its limited release, Apex Legends Mobile will be available in ten countries. Players living in one of these ten countries can go ahead with Google Play Store on Android devices and Apple App Store on iOS devices for downloading Apex Legends Mobile on their smartphone.

Where is Apex Mobile available?

Apex Legends Mobile is currently available in ten countries and the same will be released by Respawn Entertainment. The ten countries in which Apex Legends Mobile is available are Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines and Singapore.

'Apex Legends Mobile' launches in 10 countries
‘Apex Legends Mobile’ launches in 10 countries

Is Apex Coming On Mobile?

Yes, Apex is currently available on mobile. However, Apex Legends will be available on smartphones for the countries which have been listed above. There is no information available about the global release of the game. The game will be available on Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices. However, it needs to be noted that Apex Legends Mobile will not be available cross-platform computers and consoles.

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What Are The Mobile System Requirements?

The system requirements for playing Apex Legends Mobile is out. For Android devices, in order to run Apex Legends Mobile, the smartphone should be working on Android 8.1. In addition to that, it should be able to open GL 3.0 or higher. The smartphone should also have a 3 GB free space and the RAM of the smartphone should be at least 3 GB.

For playing Apex Legends Mobile on iOS, the device needs to be iPhone 6S or later and the version should be 10.0 or later. In addition to that, Apex Legends Mobile needs to have an Apple A9 SoC. Further, the iOS device should have 3GB free space and the RAM should be at least 2 GB.

What Will Be Available In Apex Legends Mobile?

Respawn Entertainment has developed Apex Legends Mobile while working in collaboration with Lightspeed & Quantum Studios. The only map which is available during the regional launch of Apex Legends Mobile is World’s Edge. The different game modes which will be available on Apex Legends Mobile are Team Deathmatch, Mini Battle Royale, 3v3 Arenas and Ranked Battle Royale.

Will Apex Legends Mobile See A Global Release?

In 2021, Electronic Arts has revealed that Apex Legends Mobile will be hitting the mobile and the game entered into the pre-registration phase on the Google Play Store for its soft launch. With the registration completed, Apex Legends Mobile is now available in ten countries as a part of its soft launch plan. The data collected from these regional territories will provide EA with all the necessary information that is required for a global worldwide release. This means that Apex Legends Mobile will be seeing a global release for sure.

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Also, the regional release of Apex Legends Mobile is not available as a full fledged version and it will be a limited event. The limited release of Apex Legends Mobile will run from today to 3rd May 2022. After 3rd May 2022, all the saves will automatically enter the reset move. Further, in-app purchases made during the testing phase will also be removed from the account of the player once the testing phase is over. However, the players will be not at loss because they will be provided with in-game currency which is equivalent to the purchase as a compensation measure and the same will happen once the game is officially released.

The soft launch of Apex Legends Mobile is currently available in ten countries and one can expect global release of the game soon even though there is no release date of the global launch of Apex Legends Mobile.


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