GTA 6 Map is same as Red Dead Redemption 2

After years of work to make Read Dead Redemption 2’s map, speculations are being made that Rockstar games are planning to tweak it and use it for GTA 6 map. And why not? The map is the largest ever made by Rockstar and has been loved by all players.

Grand Theft Auto 6 could use the RDR 2 map after modernizing and developing it to match the gameplay of all the GTA games released before it. Additionally, if Rockstar would use a map they have already made, they could focus more on improving the game and players’ experience to the fullest.

So, why are people assuming that GTA 6 map will be the same as Red Dead Redemption 2? And what other speculations regarding the upcoming game being similar to RDR 2 are being made? Continue reading to find out!

GTA 6 Map modern version of the Red Dead Redemption 2 map

Everyone knows that the RDR 2 map has a version of old New Orleans in the form of Saint-Denis. After all, it has Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral and all other places that were part of the old New Orleans, as Rockstar has paid attention to the tiniest details. They even gave this part of the game a french inspired name, aka Saint Denis, to highlight the French Influence in making New Orleans the way it is now. 

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GTA 6 Map modern version of the Red Dead Redemption 2 map
GTA 6 Map modern version of the Red Dead Redemption 2 map

Now, to make it a part of the GTA 6 map, Rockstar can give Saint Denis and other such old cities a facelift to become a part of the modern world. They can replace the carriages and trains of that era with the sports cars and bikes of the contemporary era, spicing up things for their latest game. Rockstar could also allow players to steal boats to travel via the Mississippi River to avoid the traffic caused by the Mardi Gras-esque celebrations. A motorcycle driving through the narrow routes of New Orleans to avoid traffic due to celebrations would also be a fun way for players to navigate through the GTA 6 map.

Let’s not forget how GTA has used other major US cities such as LA and New York. And now, making New Orleans a part of the game only seems fair. 

GTA 6 Map could have multiple cities

If GTA 6 Map were to follow the footsteps of RDR 2, players could expect many cities. After all, the RDR 2 map has been carefully designed and has multiple cities, each with a certain feel. 

New Austin includes Armadillo, Plainview, and Tumbleweed. Each of these towns represents the various cities that might have been present in the 19th-century American States of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, etc. If Rockstar cleverly uses the Red Dead Redemption 2 map, it can include new cities in these US states, such as Houston, for GTA 6 map and make it exciting for players.

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Moreover, Rockstar can take full advantage of the undeveloped open space in RDR 2 by allowing users to drive their sports cars there. They can turn that space into a mountainous region or a desert enabling players to experience Grand Theft Auto as they’ve never before. The number of side missions for NPCs can also be increased so that the open world doesn’t get boring anytime soon.

GTA 6 Gameplay is similar to Red Dead Redemption 2

Based on some leaks, GTA 6 gameplay seems quite similar to RDR 2 in some ways. Players will be allowed to interact with their environment, which was never present in the previous Grand Theft Auto games. 

While GTA 6’s weapons will be better than those in RDR 2, players will be able to use those weapons in a much more organic way (a feature already present in RDR 2). Players will be allowed to choose whether they want to drop or pick a specific weapon. Additionally, players will be allowed to work with others and rob places. This will allow them to perform many more heists and use new robbery mechanics similar to those already present in RDR 2.

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Since most Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are also GTA fans, no one would mind Rockstar taking inspiration from the game to make the GTA 6 map exhilarating. 


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