Saints Row 2022 Multiplayer: How to Play With Friends?

Saints Row 2022 is a long-awaited game that revolves around the reboot of the crime-laden sandbox series. In his game, the players can go around creating a hack in Santo Ileso in solo mode. However, Saints Row 2022 multiplayer mode is more enjoyable when played with friends. After its premiere in 2006, the game soon became popular for its Saints Row 2022 multiplayer mode. You can enjoy it as a co-op. The game is now immensely popular in groups of friends, thanks to its co-op and pranking feature. Keep reading if you are wondering how to play the game with your friends. 

How Set Co-Op In Saints Row 2022 multiplayer?

The game supports a two-player co-op. In this mode, you and the other player can work to tackle critical stories along with other missions taking place in the Santo Ilenso. Follow the steps below to play co-op with your friends. 

How Set Co-Op In Saints Row 2022 multiplayer?
How Set Co-Op In Saints Row 2022 multiplayer?
  1. Firstly, both the players have to complete the Making Rent tutorial questline. 
  2. With the completion of the tutorial, no player has any active mission. Therefore, now the host has the choice to open their world for multipliers. 
  3. If you are the host who wants to switch to co-op mode, go to the main menu and select “Co-op campaign.” 
  4. Choose “Host Game” and select the save you wish to use. 
  5. After loading the game, again go to the menu section and choose co-op. 
  6. Select “Invite Friend” and send an invitation to the friend with whom you want to play the game. 
  7. Ask your friend to accept the request. 

Note that you need to come back from the menu section to allow the other player to accept the invitation. Else, the other partner will be stuck in the “Waiting for Host” message. 

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At present, Saints Row 2022 multiplayer is filled with many bugs. Therefore, playing the co-op with your friend can be a bit challenging. If the steps mentioned above don’t work for you, consider rebooting the game. After the reboot, re-accept the EULA from the main menu to solve the issue. You might not succeed on the first try, but keep trying. 

Also, remember Saints Row 2022 multiplayer does not support crossplay. Therefore, you and your partner with whom you want to play the game should use the same platform to activate the mode. 

How To Prank Your Partner In Saints Row 2022? 

The game allows the players to prank, which adds more fun to the game. However, in order to prank another player, you will find the need to complete specific goals. To prank your friends in Saints Row 2022 multiplayer, follow the steps mentioned below. 

How To Prank Your Partner In Saints Row 2022? 
How To Prank Your Partner In Saints Row 2022?
  1. Activate prank mode on both the player’s accounts before hosting the co-op. 
  2. Open the menu and select Co-op
  3. Enable the slider by hovering over pranks 
  4. Complete the prank challenge in the multiplayer session. You can view the challenge in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. 
  5. Press left on the D-pad after completing the challenge to prank your partner. 

With the prank element, you can instantly add fun to the game. 

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Progression Work

The game primarily focuses on building your own criminal empire. You can choose how you want to proceed in the game. Therefore, not all the progress you share with your co-op partners will reflect in the game. However, most of the progress with your partner will be visible in your game. 

Please note that as a host, the main story mission can only be completed by you. However, the progress of side activities can be shared. Other advantages you can carry from the co-op mode include money, experience, and skills. Even though Saints Row 2022 multiplayer is still progressing, it is still not a perfect game on Xbox. However, the improvement in the game is truly commendable. 

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