Destiny 2 Server Status – How and Where to Check Status

Destiny 2 undergoes regular as well as emergency maintenance checks. Thus, the game goes offline from time to time. This helps in resolving gameplay issues and bugs. Additionally, the game needs to go offline to add new features. Hence, if you cannot load your game, it may be because the server is down! You can check the Destiny 2 Server Status to ensure the problem is on your end or the server. Here is how and where to check the server status. 

Destiny 2 Server Status- How and Where to check it?

There could be several reasons for the Destiny 2 server being down. You can check it using any of the following sites. 

Destiny 2 Server Status- How and Where to check it?
Destiny 2 Server Status- How and Where to check it?

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Bungie’s Destiny 2 Server Status Page

You should check the official Bungie’s Destiny Server and Update Status Page if you cannot log into the Destiny 2 server. It is available in the help section of the company’s website. It contains the entire schedule for upcoming server maintenance. These take place regularly (primarily weekly), so make sure to constantly check the website and keep up to date with the schedule. Although weekly checks are short, the major updates, patches, and fixes may take the server down longer. During this time, you won’t be able to log into the game and fight bosses or gather loot. 

The times on the Bungie Destiny Server page are not always accurate. However, it still gives you an idea of when to expect maintenance to begin and end. 

Use @BungieHelp To Get Updates about Destiny 2 Server Status 

Furthermore, sometimes the server is down unexpectedly. This is not mentioned on the Bungie Destiny Server page. The reason for this could be a sudden problem or a random outage. In such a scenario, you should check Twitter for updates, specifically the @BungieHelp account. This account shares all the issues in Destiny 2. This includes weapons being disabled due to exploits and planned and unplanned server maintenance causing connection errors and making the game unplayable for hours. You can follow this account to know all the updates about the Destiny 2 Server status. 

Use Down Detector To Know About Server Status 

Down Detector is a website checking the reasons servers are down for any game. There is a separate page for Destiny 2 on the site. Apart from showing the server’s status, this page also displays the most reported server problems, including logins and server connections. If there is a significant increase in reported outages, it could be because of a maintenance issue or a severe problem with the server from Bungie’s side. 

Check Platform Network for Issues

Sometimes the issue is not from Bungie’s side. Instead, your platform could malfunctioning. Thus, if none of the above sites show any problems, check the Xbox Live, PlayStation, and Steam Networks for issues. 

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Fixes for Destiny 2 Server Down

Most times, the issues are from Bungie’s end, and you can’t do anything about them. However, try these fixes, and your troubles may get resolved sometimes.

Fixes for Destiny 2 Server Down
Fixes for Destiny 2 Server Down

Restart Your Game

Close the game properly. Then, restart it and check if it works.

Check Your Internet

The issue may be with your internet connection when the server status shows no problems. 

Restart Your System

Restarting your PC or console might fix your server issues and allow you to log in! 

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Refresh Your Connection

You can refresh wired connections by simply plugging out the Ethernet cable and plugging it in after a few minutes. On the other hand, reboot your router if you have a wireless connection. 

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