GamesGTA 6 New Release Date - Is this Fake or Real?

GTA 6 New Release Date – Is this Fake or Real?

GTA has been a huge hit amongst gamers and despite the fact that the fans have not encountered anything related to GTA 6, it is receiving tremendous attention in the past few days. The excitement of the fans for GTA 6 hit a new high when Rockstar Games confirmed that they are currently working on a new part of the series. It needs to be noted that this project on which Rocket Games have been working has not been given a name. Therefore, the new project might be GTA 6 or might not be GTA 6. A part of the tweet made by  Rockstar Games states, “As we enter our third console generation and with much more to come in 2022 and beyond, here is a look at just some of what’s on the way.” The tweet was completed with a picture of the project. After hearing this announcement, the GTA community went wild with statements about the game.

Later, Rockstar Games made a statement saying that with every new project, they are moving ahead to deliver something better than what has been previously delivered. They further confirmed again that they are actively working towards the next development in the series. They will be sharing more information about the same, till then, the fans were asked to stay tuned to Rockstar Newswire for all the official updates. Since then, there has been no follow up about the project.

The New Release Date Of GTA 6 Is Fake

After the tweet, the speculation about the development of GTA 6 has reached an all time high. However, it needs to be noted that even though the game is under active development, the project is still under way. However, even after the tweet made everything clear, there have been leaks and rumors about the game that has been floating around. One of the rumors grabbed the attention of the fans as it shared a document with the announcement date of the game along with other detailed plans of the game.

The New Release Date Of GTA 6 Is Fake
The New Release Date Of GTA 6 Is Fake

The document which is gaining massive circulation online is titled, “FY23-FY25 Pipeline Details”. According to this document GTA 6 will be released in the latter half of 2024. However, this release date does not coincide with what the experts are speculating. In addition to information about GTA 6, the document also carried information of two additional games named Mafia: Primordia and Red Dead: Gunslinger. Both the games are expected to be released in 2023. However, none of these games have been announced yet.

It also needs to be noted that announcements regarding any new game are made by the publisher and not the parent company. Therefore, there is no possibility that Take-Two will reveal such information before any announcement made by Rockstar. Another reason why the news has been termed fake is that it contains information about the Max Payne remaster. Remedy Entertainment this year, decided to team up with Rockstar Games and remaster for creating the first two Max Payne games. However, Remedy will be the developer of the game and Rockstar will simply provide its assistance to Remedy in the publication and sale of it. The release date of the game is in 2025, which is too far to be true.

The fans have also decoded in their own way to reveal that the document is fake by bringing in the notice that the list of games that were previously mentioned in the meeting was absent. Even though the fans are pretty excited about GTA 6, one must keep in mind that Rockstar till now has not revealed any substantial information about the game. It is just the rumors and fake leaks that are making the round.

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