How to Beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO: Updated Counters and Weaknesses (August 2022)

Trainers need to gear up because Giovanni is not an easy challenge! Although his team did not change and is the same as July 2022, the trainers will still have to upgrade their skills and look for strategies to beat him. The biggest motivation for beating Giovanni should be that. As a result, you’ll get a chance to catch Shadow Latios as well. There is still some time left for Season of Go to commence, but it will be better to prepare while we still have time. The following guide will help you in how to beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO. 

The task won’t be easy this time either, as the leaders have switched up some of their team members. And the most lethal one of them, Giovanni, is bringing back the shadow Legendary. As mentioned earlier, there is still plenty of time. However, you need to make sure that you make good use of this time. In the meanwhile, think about whether it will be a good idea to use Elite TMs to prepare for the great fight ahead. Regardless of anything, first, make yourself familiar with the lineup of Giovanni. His team includes Persian, NidoKing/ Rhyperior/ Machamp, and Shadow Latios. Now make the decision according to this lineup. 

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Giovanni’s plan in Pokémon GO (predictions) and the counters to use 

This one is the easiest Pokémon to fight, so it is natural for Giovanni to send this one first. So, keep in mind the perfect encounters. For Machamp, it must be a dynamic punch. For Hariyama, it should be Counter.  And For Rhyperior, it should be Stone Edge, and so on! 

Giovanni's plan in Pokémon GO (predictions) and the counters to use
Giovanni’s plan in Pokémon GO (predictions) and the counters to use

NidoKing has the potential to show up in the second slot. Ground, Water, Psychic, and Ice are the best counters you can use against him. For Alakazam, the Counter should be Psychic. For Swampert, use Water Gun. Also For Kyogre, use Hydro Pump. For Mewto use Psystrike. 

The second fighter can also be Machamp. It is not hard to beat him if you make use of the Flying, Psychic, or Fairy kind of strategy. 

We are sure about who will come in the last spot. And it is no other than Shadow Latios. This will be the last one you’ll find in the battle. But reaching him is not easy because of the kind of lineup Giovanni has prepared this time. The best counters to use are; Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, or Ice type. This is how you should deal with them; for Gengar, it is Shadow Ball. For Salamence, it must be Dragon Tail. For Dialga, it should be Dragon Breath. And For Hydreigon, it has to be Brutal Swing. 

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So, that was a brief guide on how to tackle Giovanni (Pokemon Go) ‘s lineup in the August 2022 version. It might seem difficult, but if you strategize well, the game can become easier. 

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Finding Giovanni is not an easy task. This seems harder than it is because players tend to skip the steps which lead us to find him. You must first earn the 6 Mysterious Components. Once you have a Team Rocket Radar, then proceed. Now, after you have equipped the radar, look out for Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. Until you don’t have a Super Rocket Radar, keep completing Special Research tasks. Once you have the Super Rocket Radar, then your next station will be PokeStops, where you’ll have to make an effort yet again to find the real Giovanni. The process is quite tedious, but if followed in a sequence the steps can actually lead you to the real one. 

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The lineup of Giovanni can make your health deplete at a faster rate. And this is what makes him so deadly. Hence it is important to know which counters to use and when. Make yourself thorough with the weakness of the lineup and make sure to use all of it against them. According to the best players, your team should have Conkeldurr, Mewtwo, and Dialga. Then only you can put up an equal fight. But only choosing them will not do the job. You’ll have to use their skills to the maximum potential. 

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