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Starting out in 1996, the Pokemon Go Video Game franchise has spawned several movies, mobile apps, mangas, and TV Shows. One of the most popular spinoffs of the game came in 2011 in the form of Pokemon TCG online. This card game was one of Pokemon Go’s greatest releases. However, it wasn’t feasible for mobile and tablet users. To solve this issue, the franchise owners are working on another remake of the card game called Pokemon Trading Card Game Live. This upcoming will feature several upgrades and new features. You can find out all about the latest Online Pokemon Trading Card Game down below.

Online Pokémon Trading Card Game Release Date

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Go company has not announced the release date of Pokemon TCG Live. All they’ve said regarding the premiere date is that it’ll be coming out “soon”.

However, fans shouldn’t be too disappointed as the company has revealed some pretty exciting information. A beta version of Pokemon TCG Live will be coming out at the end of 2021! Android and iPhone users in Canada will be able to access it along with PC and Mac users worldwide.

Online Pokémon Trading Card Game 

Online Pokémon Trading Card Game Features

Like traditional card games, Pokemon TCG Live will require players to build their own decks. This is done by compiling cards by scanning code cards, buying booster packs and completing daily quests. Players will be able to battle other players from all around the world using their powerful decks. 

Moreover, players can customize their avatars and use unique accessories to add personal touches to their game. The game will also feature battle passes and ranked ladders to make it more exciting and challenging. Unfortunately, two-game features will also be eliminated from this upcoming online Pokémon trading card game. This includes in-game chats and trading with other players. 

Online Pokémon Trading Card Game

The Pokemon Company told fans in an exclusive interview, “As the Pokémon TCG Online launched over 10 years ago, Pokémon TCG Live not only provides an opportunity to update the game and underlying technology, but engage more fans by offering an easily accessible app on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. Pokémon TCG Live also comes with a suite of improvements, including a new card logic engine that provides more player feedback around gameplay events, as well as a Ranked Ladder, Battle Pass, duplicate card protection with Credits, 3D avatars, updated visual effects, and more fluid gameplay.”

Online Pokémon Trading Card Game Trailer

Pokemon TCG Live has one trailer as of yet. Although it doesnt give much away, it does tell fans that they’ll be able to play the game on Mobile and PC devices. Furthermore, the trailer also reveals that the upcoming online Pokemon Trading Card Game will follow the real TCG rules. 

Additionally, the trailer also includes player created characters called Gene, Mitch and Amy. All of these are unique characters and players will have complete control over the appearance of their avatar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the same account on TCG online and Live?

Yes, you can keep your TCG online profile while using Live. Just log into the Live game with your Trainer Club Account. 

Is the Pokemon TCG Live free?

The game is free to play. However, players will need to pay in order to buy battle passes. 

Will Pokemon TCG Live be available on consoles?

Unfortunately, Pokemon TCG will not be releasing on consoles including Xbox, Nintendo and PS5.