Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Chainsaw Man release date anime for the UK is out, and here’s everything you need to know about it! 

The highly anticipated series features a comedic twist on a traditional slasher! It follows the story of Denji, an ordinary boy who becomes a hybrid human-devil after a puppy sacrifices his life to bring him back after death. However, this was no ordinary puppy but a devilish one. Now, equipped with superpowers, retractable chainsaw arms and a head, Denji begins his new life as a Devil Hunter. With lots of plot twists, demon killing and friendships, the anime easily stands out from all others in the slasher genre! 

Chainsaw Man has already come out in Japan. However, its English release date is still pending. You can find out all the details about it down below. 

Chainsaw Man Release Date Anime

Fans have been eager to watch the Chainsaw Man anime ever since its announcement in June 2021. The highly anticipated series made its debut in Japan on October 11. The series drops a new episode every Tuesday, with the first two currently available for viewing. 

Crunchyroll confirmed the release date of Chainsaw Man’s English dub. It will air on October 25 at 12:30 PM Pacific / 8:30 PM UK / 3:30 PM Eastern. 

Chainsaw Man Release Date Anime
Chainsaw Man Release Date Anime

New episodes will drop every Tuesday at the same time. 

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Chainsaw Man Anime Cast 

The central English voice cast for Chainsaw Man includes 

Ryan Colt Levy as Denji- The lead character who is brought back from the afterlife as a human-devil hybrid. 

Suzie Yeung as Makima- Denji’s love interest who exploits him for her own desires. 

Reagan Murdock as Aki- A public safety devil hunter who becomes a close friend of Denji. 

Sarah Wiedenheft as Power- Denji and Aki’s friend, who is also a public safety devil hunter.

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Chainsaw Man Anime English Release Date and Time 

Chainsaw Man Plot 

Chainsaw Man has a thrilling storyline with lots of demons and battles. It takes place in a world where human fears birth devils. However, the two can form a contract to allow humans to get some of the demon’s powers.

The anime revolves around Denji, a depressed boy who works as a devil hunter to avenge his father’s death. He has a contract with Chainsaw Devil Pochita that allows him to get help. 

Chainsaw Man Plot
Chainsaw Man Plot

A devil kills Denji, but Pochita sacrifices himself to bring his friend back and give him power. 

Now, Denji becomes a devil-human hybrid who has a chainsaw head and two chainsaw blades as hands. He decides to work for the government as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. 

Denji’s journey is full of ups and downs. His love interest Makima exploits him and tries to use him for her personal vendetta. 

Along with the traditional slasher theme, the series will also feature lots of comedy and humour that will make it a little more pleasant and a little less gruesome. 

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Is there a trailer? 

Chainsaw Man has the main trailer. It features Denji and his team as they begin their journey of exterminating devils! It shows exclusive fighting footage while introducing all six devil hunters. 

Check official trailer:


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