When Blue Lock Anime is Coming Out?

Blue Lock Anime is an upcoming anime series. The series belongs to the genre of animation, action mystery, sport and thriller. Recently, on the anime’s official website, the release date of Blue Lock Anime was revealed. The series will stream on Crunchyroll. The announcement regarding the same was made on the official Twitter account. If you are excited about Blue Lock Anime, keep reading because we have all the details covered regarding the series. Let us start by throwing light on the plot of the series. 

Plot Of Blue Lock Anime

The series of the plot revolves around the hypothetical scenario where Japan keeps losing the World Cup repeatedly. In the story, Isagi Yoichi, a forward still on the high school team, gets eliminated in the last game. However, at the same time, he gets invited to a program named Blue Lock. 

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The team is managed by Ego Jinpachi, the coach who is determined to destroy the image of Japan, always losing the world cup. Consequently, he plans to do the same through a radical new training regimen. Subsequently, to achieve the same, he isolates 300 young forwards and puts them in a prison-like institution named Blue Lock. In this institution, he plans to train all the forwards rigorously. 

Plot Of Blue Lock Anime
Plot Of Blue Lock Anime

Blue Lock Anime Release Date

The exact release date of Blue Lock Anime is not out. However, we know that it will premiere somewhere in October 2022. 

Recently, Crucnyrool released the official release date of the series. The series will premiere on October 9. Luckily, it is Sunday that day, so you can freely watch the series on the weekend. 

Blue Lock Anime Release Date
Blue Lock Anime Release Date

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The cast members of Blue Lock Anime include:

  • Tasuku Kaito as Meguru Bachira 
  • Kazuki Ura as Yoichi Isagi 
  • Yuki Ono as Rensuke Kunigami 
  • Soma Saito as Hyoma Chigiri

It’s time to know about the makers of the series. Tetsuaki Watanabe is the director of the movie. Along with that, Shunsuke Ishikawa serves as the assistant director. Further, Taku Kishimoto is the scriptwriter of the series. 

Let us now look at the crew members involved in the animation part. 

  • Masaru Shindo: main character designer and chief animation director 
  • Kenji Tanabe and Kento Toya: character designers and chief animation directors
  • Hisashi Tojma: chief action director 
  • Hiromi Sakamoto: action director 
  • Jun Murayama: music composer

This is all we know regarding the series. Finally, let us now shift our focus to the manga. 

Blue Lock Anime: The Manga

The series is based on a manga. Muneyuki Kaneshiro wrote the manga. Yusuke Nomura is the illustrator of the manga. The manga is extremely popular amongst the readers as well as the critics. In fact, it won the 45th Kodansha Manga Award last year. 

The very first volume of the series was out in 2018; at the time of writing, the series has 20 volumes. The manga was previously a part of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. In 2021, Koddancha licensed the manga for a digital release in English in North America. Later, the manga was also available in print. The manga owing to its good storyline and distribution became extremely popular across the globe. 

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Wrap Up 

In conclusion, the series will be out on October 8, 2022. However, it is unclear whether all the series will drop at once or if they will enjoy the weekly releases. Irrespective of the release format, keep your calendar marked to enjoy this extremely popular manga series. It is only after Blue Lock Anime premiers we will have a better idea of whether the television series managed to justify the manga or not. Also, we will bring you more information about the series as soon as it is available. 


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Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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