Black Clover Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

In less than four years, the show Black Clover has established a strong fandom, which is quite enthusiastic. However, after the ending of the 4th season, fans are concerned about whether there will be a Black Clover Season 5 or not. A movie based on the manga has already been confirmed, but still, there are requests for the 5th season. The following article will update you about the potential upcoming season. 

When will Black Clover Season 5 be released?

Our priority should be about the show’s renewal because it needs a renewal in the first place to have a release date. Studio Pierrot is yet to speak up on the 5th season. However, this does not mean that the anime has been cancelled because it has quite a big fan following. Moreover, a movie from the same Studio is already under production. It will come out in 2023. So, until its release, we won’t get Black Clover Season 5. However, expect the 5th season to premiere somewhere in 2024. But as these are just our speculations, we would not recommend relying completely on this news.

When will Black Clover's 5th season be released?
When will Black Clover’s 5th season be released?

There are still many chapters that the anime has not adapted. So, of course, there is plenty of content for the Studio to develop anime on. Our fingers are crossed for the future! You’ll be delighted to hear Tanemura is also involved in the movie’s production. We don’t know his role yet! 

What will happen in Black Clover Season 5?

Of course, there is no plot synopsis for it, but all that we can do for now is rely on theories. And as it is based on the manga, we can also draw parallels! As mentioned before, the Studio is currently working on a movie. So, the 5th season’s plot will strongly determine what happens in the upcoming movie. And we are expecting it to cover a variety of new chapters. We are guessing that the movie will revolve around the plot in which Black Bulls and Magic Knights try their best to stop Dark Triads from achieving their motive. If you haven’t read the manga, Dark Triads wants to bring the Age of Devils. 

What will happen in Black Clover's 5th season?
What will happen in Black Clover’s 5th season?

One more source quoted that the movie will wrap up with the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc, but we are not sure whether this is credible or not. The intense fight between Asta and The Dark Triad will also make part of the movie. Captain Yami’s life will be at stake amidst all these events. So, who knows, maybe Black Clover Season 5 will revolve around this issue! In the 4th season, Asta also came in contact with his biological mother. This might affect the storyline of the following season. As Asta has opened the barrier, the fight between devils and the living world is almost inevitable. Asta is not a Wizard King yet! This is the most crucial detail. So, yes, the Studio will take this part into account as well. 

As we are clueless about the film’s events, all we can say for now is that it will focus on the events that took place after the battle. Tabata will, of course, have a greater say in the story of the 5th season. So, it is better to wait until the movie comes out. 

There is no confirmation about which characters will return but according to our speculations, expect the following to make a comeback; Dallas Reid as Asta, Cris George as the narrator, Jill Harris as Noelle Silva, Christopher, Sabat as Yami, Micah Solusod as Yuno, Brandon Mclnnis as Final, Justin Briner as Luck, Mike McFarland as Gordon, Sarah Wiedenheft as Charmy, Ian Sinclair as Magna, and Lydia Mackay as Vanessa.

Is there a trailer ?

No, there is no trailer for the 5th season of Black Clover so far! Because the anime is still waiting for its renewal. However, you can watch the numerous edits on YouTube, which will be enough to quench your thirst for now. We don’t have footage from the 5th installment, but you can now stream the teaser trailer for the original movie on YouTube! The footage contains a few visuals from the movie. And in one way or the other, it is still content from the original anime. 

If you still haven’t watched the anime, consider it a sign to watch it now! Crunchyroll has 170 episodes of Black Clover available for streaming! If you start right now, you’ll be all caught up on the anime until the release of the actual movie and, subsequently, the 5th season. So, that was everything about Black Clover’s upcoming 5th season. To stay updated, don’t forget to bookmark this page!


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