All Batman Games in Order of Release Date

When it comes to superhero video games, there is no other series like Batman Arkham. For all news fans, the chronological order can be a bit confusing because of the nature of the video games. But fret not because below we have made an easy-to-follow guide which tells you in detail about the batman games in order. So, let’s begin!

It is important to know the order of the games. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to have fun while playing as the four main games are interconnected. If you decide to just dive into the world with any random game, it might be a bit difficult initially, but as you get deeper into the Batman lore,, it will all start making sense. 

Batman Games in Order

Batman Games in Order
Batman Games in Order
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum

This one debuted in 2009 and marked the beginning of an era. The base plot revolves around Joker’s escape from jail while Batman goes on a mission to restore peace and order in the city. It had a lot of cool features back then, and the game is still available for players! It became available for only XBOX 360, PS3, Windows, and Mac OS players. The main theme is combat, and our main hero Batman is well equipped with many cool tricks. The task becomes difficult because Joker keeps on spreading chaos. He leaks medicine in the prison which turns the prisoners into lunatics. 

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  • Batman: Arkham City 

The second game in the series launched two years later in 2011. Once again, Rocksteady Studios played an important part in its production. The base plot of this game is that both Batman and Joker become trapped inside the prison while Ra’s al Ghul spreads chaos in the city. In this game, Arkham City comes into the picture. It is a huge prison complex. Batman’s combat becomes stronger as he gets new powers. Moreover, the Riddler challenges and the prizes for winning these challenges are the best part of the game. Its DLCs revolve around destroying Harley Quinn. 

  • Batman: Arkham City Spinoff

This spin-off came out in 2011 as well. NetherRealm Studios worked on this project, but sadly it is not available in stores anymore. In this spin-off, Batman goes on another mission to put all the villains in one place; the prison. The villains include; Joker, Two Faces, Deathstroke, and Solomon Grundy. 

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  • Batman: Arkham Origins 

This one debuted in 2013! This game had major changes in it as the team was completely new. Warner changed the studio and the writers, and there were certain changes in the voice actors too. Games Montreal worked on its production. This game was more of a prequel. It focused on the events that happened before Arkham Asylum. Hence, we see a younger version of Batman going after the villains. There were many new features, but the most interesting was the one through which Batman started travelling fast. The Batcave became part of the game. And many other features made it easier for our hero to bust the bad guys. 

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  • Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios returned for this one which came out in 2015! The main plot revolves around the events one year after Arkham City. The Arkham Knight successfully unifies all the villains to destroy the Dark Knight once and for all. Batman has to face Scarecrow in this game. It introduces a bigger world to the gamers, and Batmobile becomes a regular feature. Due to Arkham Knight’s plan, the game has a lot of villains, which makes it more exciting to play. But unfortunately, it did not do well with the gamers because of some glitches and poor performances on certain software. 

  • Batman: Return to Arkham (Remaster)

This one came out a year later, in 2016. The Remaster version contains the best DLCs of most games and includes Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The game never made its way to the PC and was only for Xbox One and PS4. The game offered an impressive resolution that was nowhere to be found in the rest. Rocksteady Studios did not work on its production.

  • Batman: Arkham Underworld (spin-off)

This spin-off was meant for smartphones (both Android and IOS) in 2016. The turbine worked on its production. The interesting bit about its gameplay is that you play against both the heroes and enemies of Gotham to gain control. It did not do well, and sadly, it’s no longer available in the stores. 

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  • Batman: Arkham VR (spin-off)

You get to play as the Dark Knight but with the additional feature of VR. This came out in 2016. The difference is that there is less action and more problem-solving. In other words, the game is more based on the plot. It is quite a short version, and if you’re determined enough, you can wrap up the game in just a few hours! 

There won’t be any new games because the Arkham series is officially over! So, that was everything you needed to know about Batman games. Got any more questions? Feel free to ask us in the comments below! 

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