Apple Watch Series 8: Release Date, Features and Prices

The Apple Series 8 watch is likely to launch in the early fall of 2022. Even though the company has remained tight-lipped (as usual) about the new features of the watch, this has not stopped fans from conjecturing what can be expected from its latest product.

When will the Apple Series 8 watch be released?

When it comes to releasing dates, the tech giant has not left much room for speculation. The company is known to hold its iPhone launch event in the month of September, and they almost always release the Apple Watch alongside it. Therefore, looking at their past history, it is safe to say that a mid-September launch can be expected. Putting aside the 2020 launch of the Apple Series 6 watch, which was unfortunately delayed due to COVID-19, September has been the month of choice for this company. 

When will the Apple Series 8 watch be released?
When will the Apple Series 8 watch be released?

Reports from sources have also suggested that the Series 3 watch will be taken off the market following the release of the Apple Series 8 watch. However, this news has not come as a shock to anyone, as Apple is known for doing the same with its iPhones. 

How much will the Apple Series 8 watch cost?

While there is no official news regarding the price range of the Apple Watch Series 8, there is a very high chance that the range will be similar to its previous watch, i.e., the Apple Series 7. The price of the watch is expected to start from $399/- and go up to around $550/- as you increase its specifications on it. 

With strong competitors like Garmin and the Fitbit on the market, spiking the new Series 8 prices would not be a wise move by the company. Apple has been fairly consistent with its prices for its watches over the years. This has largely contributed to the tremendous success of this premium smart accessory. 

What new features are expected from Series 8?

What new features are expected from Series 8?
What new features are expected from Series 8?

Display shape and size

Even though fans are not expecting a release for another four months, there has been much conjecture about what new features Apple will be introducing this time around. Regarding the design, customers can expect flat edges on the latest Apple watch. This is a design upgrade that was highly anticipated on the previous Apple Watch Series 7 but left fans disappointed when it was not introduced last year. Adding flat edges to the watch will bring the design much closer to Apple’s recent iPhone and iPad and iMac designs. 

It is also expected that this time around, the company will be introducing three different case sizes for the watch. This can be compared to its previous watch, which was available in 2 different case sizes. From its very first launch of the smartwatch back in 2015, Apple has significantly increased its screen-to-body ratio on the watches. The series 8, following the trend, is expected to have an -although not very significant- increase in its display size as well. By bringing about these minor design changes, Apple will be able to maintain its standard form factor for its watches while still giving fans something new and fresh. 

Better Battery Life?

When talking about the software specifications of the latest Apple Watch Series 8, the audience is hoping to receive a better, longer battery life. Although, this is an area in which the company has long disappointed its customers. The Series 7 was rumored to have a longer battery life, but the fans’ wishes were left unfulfilled as the battery life stayed more or less constant at 18 hours, like its predecessors. Is the company finally going to satisfy its customers by increasing the battery life on the latest watch? Guess we will have to wait till September to find this out.

Glucose Tracking?

Following reports from back in January 2021, it was suggested that both Apple and Samsung would be introducing a blood glucose sensor within their latest watches. This sensor is expected to be superficial and would not require any type of implants within the skin. However, as we already know, the 2021 launch of Series 7 did not include any such feature. Then why is there so much speculation about a glucose tracker in the Apple watches? 

A report from Telegraph states that it has found SEC filings that show Apple as Rockley Photonics’ biggest customer. Rockley Photonics is known for making sensors to track blood glucose, blood alcohol, and blood pressure levels. Therefore, this link between the two corporations is highly suggestive of Apple introducing a blood glucose monitor in its latest watch launch. 

Health and Fitness? 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is bringing about multiple improvements in its health and fitness features for future models. These include blood pressure sensors, sleep apnea detectors, body temperature sensors, etc. While not all of these features can be expected to launch at the same time, it is presumed that some of them will be seen in Series 8. 

Reports by Bloomberg suggest that a more rugged model of the watch can also be expected. This model is targeted to cater to the more athletic audience, such as hikers, who use the Apple watch in more extreme conditions. Better sleep tracking features can also be expected from the new series. 

The company is also working on a unique car crash detector feature. This feature can help the watch detect when its wearer has gotten into a car crash using an inbuilt accelerometer. The feature will then allow the watch to automatically connect to emergency services and call for help.

Other Features

Other features such as faster chips, better activity tracking, automatic band tightening, and biometric authentication using the owner’s skin pattern are also expected to be seen in future launches. Will the trillion-dollar company fully appease all its customers’ wishes with its upcoming September launch, or will it still leave them wanting more? Looks like we’ll have to wait another four months to find this out.

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