New Features and Enhancements Coming to Apple TV tvOS 16 Update

Besides launching the new Apple TV 4K, Apple also announced the latest updates for tvOS 16 today. These updates will feature a whole new Siri experience for users and will be a game changer.

Although Apple TV tvOS 16 just recently became available for everyone to use on September 12, it seems like Apple is already planning its next move by announcing these features. And while the company has not announced when these updates will release and whether they will be featured in tvOS 16.1 or 16.2, all Apple TV users are bound to get excited by them.

Apple TV tvOS 16 Updates and Latest Features

Apple TV tvOS 16 has already improved the experience of users. However, the new updates announced today are something users have been waiting for and include the following Siri-related changes.

  • Siri will now appear at the bottom right corner without taking up much space on the screen. This new redesign will give Siri a compact interface and allow users to view results more easily and quickly.
  • Siri will now be able to recognize and store up to 6 different voices. Hence based on the person speaking, Apple TV 4K will show its recommendations. These recommendations will be tailored based on what that user usually sees, making the Apple TV experience spectacular.
  • There will be no need to use the Siri Remote when wearing AirPods. The user can say ‘Hey Siri’ and get their results.
Apple TV tvOS 16 Updates and Latest Features
Apple TV tvOS 16 Updates and Latest Features

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While Siri for Apple TV tvOS 16 is already supported in most regions, it will become available for users in Denmark, Luxembourg, and Singapore sometime in 2022.

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Moreover, these updates for tvOS 16 will be available for everyone whether they have the latest Apple TV 4K featuring an A15 bionic chip or not. So, are you excited to try Apple TV tvOS 16 updates? Let us know in the comments!

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