Zong eSim Launched – Here is How you can Upgrade!

The wait for Zong users has finally come to an end as the network is about to release its Zong eSim. The network’s users have been impatient for the eSim for quite some time, and we are sure the news of its release will make them very happy. While this news still has to be officially announced by the network, we have an insider who has spilled the tea.

Even though the Zong eSim is not the first of its kind in Pakistan, it aims to be the best. Other networks in Pakistan, such as Ufone and Jazz, released their eSims long back. And hence, Zong had to up its game and be a part of the latest technology in Pakistan; otherwise, it could have lost some loyal customers. So, when will the Zong eSim launch? How can you get your hands on it? Here is all the intel!

When can You get Your Zong eSim?

Although the Zong eSim has not been released yet, it will be here soon as the sim is pretty much the need of the hour, especially now that the iPhone 14 US variant does not accept physical sims. Moreover, it is expected that all new upcoming phones will support eSim with a complete end on physical sims once and for all soon.

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According to the insider, the eSim will be available by late October or early November 2022. Moreover, the Zong eSim will support 4g and probably will be initially available only for postpaid and corporate consumers.

Zong eSim Launched - Here is How you can Upgrade!
Zong eSim Launched – Here is How you can Upgrade!

How to Change your Physical Sim to Zong eSim?

A poster for the advertisement of the new Zong eSim has surfaced. According to it, you will not have to go to the network’s office, especially to get your hands on the eSim. It will be available for activation via a QR code, and users will be able to do this digitally. It doesn’t matter if you have more than one number and can get as many eSims as you want. There will also be a feature for users to change between their eSims. Hence, you can finally say goodbye to physical sims and enjoy a hassle-free life if you are a Zong user.

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So, will you change your physical sim to eSim once Zong makes it available, or will you stick to your physical sim as long as you can? Let us know in the comments!

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