How Much Wealth Did Queen Elizabeth Left After Her Death?

The death of Queen Elizabeth II shocked many the world. With this news, people are eying how the division of Queen Elizabeth II’s wealth will take place. She has been the longest serving queen, and therefore, undoubtedly, the wealth division is extremely high for obvious recent. According to Forbes’s estimation, the personal net worth of the queen is approximately $657 million. This estimate includes both her personal income and the Sovereign Grant. 

How Much Wealth Did Queen Elizabeth Left After Her Death?

Even though we know about Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth, the total amount of money that the personal bank of the family holds is still not available to the public. It has been a mystery for a long time and is still a mystery now. 

How Much Wealth Did Queen Elizabeth Left After Her Death?
How Much Wealth Did Queen Elizabeth Left After Her Death?

Over the years, her wealth has changed valuation from time to time. For instance, in 2019, Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth was close to $3 billion. While talking about the wealth that the royals have, Norman Baker made quite a statement. 

He published a book in 2019, and he pointed out how little the world knows about the health of the royal family. Also, we do not know how they achieved so much personal wealth and, further, how they maintain it. 

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Queen Elizabeth II left many valuable assets back after her death. It also includes her personal investment that she made in the British blue-chip shares. It is an extravagant art collection, a huge number of which was also shared by Prince Philip, her late husband. Additional assets of the queen include Balmoral Castle, Sandringham House, and other real-estate propers. The list also includes the historic jewelry of the queen. 

A Wealth Of $38 Billion 

The British Royal family and its institution, which is also known as The Firm or Monarchy PLC, has a total asset of $38 billion. The list of the asset looks like the following:

  • The Crown Estate: $26.6 billion, 
  • Buckingham Palace: $6.7 billion 
  • The Duchy of Cornwall: $1.7 billion 
  • The Duchy of Lancaster: $1 billion 
  • Kensington Palace: $861 million 
  • Crown Estate Scotland: $809 million

How Did Queen Elizabeth II Make Money?

Back in 2019, the Crown Estate was auctioned. The auction happened to create the biggest wind power development. The benefit of the same was expected by 2030; According to sources, the investment would have reaped revenue of $150 million each year. 

How Did Queen Elizabeth II Make Money?
How Did Queen Elizabeth II Make Money?

Additionally, the queen had an investment portfolio. The valuation of the investment portfolio is close to $952 million. Not to forget, the queen also had the greatest stamp collection in the world. Are you wondering what its valuation of it is? It’s more than $190 million!

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Sources Of Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth

The queen earned government money through the annual Sovereign Grant payment. Additionally, her independent wealth source included the Privy Purse. Let us now talk about Sovereign Grant. This grant was created back in 2012. It is like a salary to the queen for her official duties. Additionally, its fund also supported the maintenance of the Royal Palaces like Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace. 

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth also comes hugely from the Privy Purse. It is the income that she receives from the Duchy of Lancaster. In addition to it, the queen has a huge collection of art and books whose value is massive. 

How Did Queen Elizabeth Die?

Considering Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth, she was undoubtedly the richest member of the Royal family of the British. To sum it up, her net worth was close to $600 million, and the net worth of Prince Charles was $100 million. His net worth will drastically increase now that the queen has left her fortune to him. 


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