New 8K footage of Titanic wreck released

Almost a century has passed since the famous Titanic sank. But we are still finding new details about the real incident, which is quite bizarre! Recently some sources have claimed that they have found the real Titanic 8k footage. But many believe that they are just trying to fool the people. As if this was the case, then several documentaries would have been included in it. So, how credible is this news? To find out, continue reading the article!

Other than scientists and historians, some citizens have also experienced the ship’s remnants. However, they had to pay $250,000 for this experience. But considering the importance of this ship, it is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime chance! OceanGate is responsible for carrying out these expeditions to the resting place of the Titanic. The officials have confirmed that there is a whole team working on the 8K footage of Titanic. And by the time 2023 comes, they will have an even better collection of data. 

Titanic 8k footage: The Reality 

Well, this news is 100% real! But how? This is because the footage does not show the ship sinking. Rather it is a closeup of the present remnants of the ship under the sea. And this is the first time in history that we will get to watch the shipwreck in such high resolution. As before, it was always blurring pictures of low quality. This enhanced footage has helped in solving some mysteries as well. 

Titanic 8k footage: The Reality 
Titanic 8k footage: The Reality

There is also a 4k version available of the ship. The Titanic historians have taken advantage of this. And by comparing the footage, they have reached a conclusion that in the span of years, the ship has undergone major changes. And there is a whole team dedicated to this process. They are still working on certain parts which are waiting to get explored. And now that there is much higher resolution footage, it will help in this process. Rory Golden mentioned one important detail about the ship in an interview. He revealed that with the new footage, they had found the company which worked on the anchor of the ship. Noah Hingley & Sons Ltd. made the anchor of the famous ship! 

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It is interesting to find out that even now, we are getting new details about the ship. So, this intricate detail about its anchor was just recently observed. And who knows how many other details were overlooked just because of the poor footage that we had. And with improving technology, we are hoping that historians will discover the ship in better ways. The team has also drafted a whole new plan for the year 2023. They are excited and determined to work on the cause. So, brace yourself for new exciting details.

Titanic 8k footage has offered better colours

The original video offered great visuals. It is just a minute long, and the background music is quite haunting. However, the details that are visible in the video will blow your mind. So, you should definitely watch it. The crane that was used to deploy the anchor is still intact under the sea. However, a part of it has collapsed because of decay. But it is surprising to know that even after a century, the crane still exists. Later in the footage, we got to see the hulls of the Titanic. 

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Obviously, a large part of the ship has succumbed to decay. The railings have fallen apart. And this decay is happening at an unusually faster rate. It has been accelerated by the action of microbes, the salty water, and of course, the sea pressure. So this means that in order to get most of the information, we have to be quick. And deducing from how fast the ship is decaying Titanic might vanish in just a matter of decades. 

OceanGate is also recruiting people to accompany them on this journey. However, only a few hundred will make it to the original event. So, if you are interested, you can enroll in the program. And who knows, if you are lucky enough, you might end up with the delegation. So, make sure that you check that out. Well, that was everything relevant that you needed to know about Titanic 8K footage. For more such information, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 

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