Heels Season 2 Filming Wraps

If you’re a fan of Heels, then you are lucky because the creators are back with another update for you all. The show that started its filming back in March 2022 is now finished with it.

The American drama series focused on wrestling aired its first season on Starz on 14th August 2021. The show released an episode a week and wrapped up its season 1 finale in October.

n 25th June, the show’s lead, Stephan Amell, shared a post on Instagram showing him taking his “recovery bath” after the hectic filming for Heels Season 2.

Judging by this, an October 2022 release date is most likely possible for the new season. This would give enough time for the Heels creators to wrap up post-production.

As season 2 proceeds, we expect to see Jack trying hard to right his wrongs and get his family back together. Further, Ludwig’s Ace may have a reduced role in the second season, as he tries to recenter himself.