Heels Season 2 Release Date Announcement at Starz

Heels is the latest American drama series based on wrestling. Following a very successful first season, fans now await the release of Heels Season 2. The series released its pilot season on Starz on 15th August 2021, which received praises from audiences and critics alike.

Created by Michael Waldron, the series currently has an impressive 8 out of 10 IMDb rating. Further, it also has a whopping 96% overall rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on these ratings, renewing the show for a sophomore season seemed like a no-brainer. Heels received its renewal for a second season in November 2021.

While the show’s title may lead you to believe that it is more fashion-centered, the reality is completely different. Heels is all about professional wrestling. In wrestling terms, the “heel” is the villain within the squared wrestling ring, whereas the “face” is the hero. The series brings together popular names such as Alexander Ludwig and Stephan Amell. With a cast leading cast such as this, and commendable writing, the show is bound to be a success. Here is everything we know about the upcoming installment of the latest wrestling series.

Heels Season 2 Cast

The team is yet to reveal the exact cast of Heels Season 2. Nonetheless, based on the events of the pilot season, it is possible to predict which characters would continue forward into the sophomore installment. Currently, we expect that most of the original cast would reprise their roles for the second season.

Returning in the lead, we have Stephan Amell as Jake Spade, the hell in the Duffy Wrestling League. He is the older of the two Ace brothers and also the owner of the DWL. Stephan Amell is already s wrestler by profession, as well as a Canadian actor. He rose to prominence following his role as Oliver Queen in CW’s Arrow. The series received immense popularity and went on for eight solid seasons. Amell also appeared in multiple other renditions of the Arrowverse, including Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Jaxon McHan portrays the younger version of Jack Spade.

Heels Season 2 Cast
Heels Season 2 Cast

Starring alongside Stephan is Alexander Ludwig as Ace Spade, the face (i.e., hero) of the Duffy Wrestling League. He is the younger brother of Jack. Alexander Ludwig is a Canadian musician and actor. He started his career as a child actor but received major recognition following his role of Cato in 2012’s The Hunger Games. This role landed him an MTV Movie Award as well as a Teens Choice Award. He also appeared in Lone Survivor (2013) and Bad Boys for Life (2020). However, his most prominent and popular role is that of Björn Ironside in History Channel’s “The Vikings”.

Returning as Staci Spade, Jack’s wife is Alison Luff. Luff is a stage actress and singer. She received recognition through her long work in theatre, such as the role of Elphaba in Wicked and Jenna in Broadway’s production of Waitress.

Further, Mary McCormack returns as Willie Day, Jack’s business partner. McCormack’s most prominent roles include that of Justine Appleton in the 1990s series Murder One. She also appeared as Kate Harper in The West Wing (2004-2006) and as Mart Shannon in In Plain Sight (2008-2012). Most recently, she portrayed Peggy in the sitcom The Kids Are Alright.

Kelly Berglund is likely to return as Crystal Tyler, Ace’s love interest. Berglund is an American actress who previously worked with Disney Channel. She portrayed Bree Davenport in Disney XD’s Lab Rats and its spinoff Lab Rats: Elite Force. She also starred in Disney Channel’s How to Build a Better Boy as Mae Hartley. Her most recent role was that of Carly Carson in Now Apocalypse.

Allen Maldonado may reprise his character of Rooster Robbins, a major wrestler at DWL. Maldonado is a filmmaker and actor known for his role as Bobby in The Last OG and Curtis in Black-ish. Moreover, James Harrison is set to return as another one of DWL’s wrestlers, Apocalypse. Harrison is a footballer by profession and only recently dipped his toes into the world of acting through Heels. Mark Christopher Bauer is likely to return as Wild Bill Hancock, a former star wrestler. Bauer’s TV work includes Third Watch, The Wire, True Blood, and others.

Apart from the leading cast, Roxton Garcia as Thomas Spade (Jack and Staci’s son) and David James Elliott as Tom Spade (Jack and Ace’s father) are also set to return in recurring roles in the second season.

Moreover, it is possible that Heels Season 2 may introduce newer cast members as well. Although, currently, there is not much known regarding who these new editions may be. Guess we will have to wait for the series to release to find out about them.

Heels Season 2 Release Date

After an initial renewal announcement in November 2021, the team is yet to reveal the exact release date for Heels Season 2. The first installment took a long time to film and release. Therefore, we can expect the same from the sophomore season as well. While initially, we expected a 2022 release date, this seems to be less likely now.

Heels Season 2 Release Date Announcement at Starz
Heels Season 2 Release Date Announcement at Starz

Heels Season 2 is now most likely to release in the summer of 2023. Production on the series is currently going on, and the actors are hard at work. While there may be a delay, at least fans can find solace in the fact that at least it would be returning eventually. Moreover, we believe that the second installment would have about 8-10 episodes (similar to its predecessor). Season 1 followed a weekly episode release pattern. Hence, we predict that the same format would be carried forward on Starz for season 2 as well.

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Heels Season 2 Plot

Heels follows the lives of the two Spade brothers, Jack and Ace. The brothers are both wrestlers and rivals of each other. The pair perform scripted wrestling matches as they fight for their deceased father’s wrestling promotion.

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There is not much known regarding the exact storyline of Heels Season 2. However, based on the events of the first season, we can predict where the show may head as we move into the second installment. The ending of the first season saw Heels Crystal win the DWL championship. The two Spade brothers had increasing tension going on between them, and Jack’s marriage with Staci is in deep waters as well.

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Therefore, as we move into the second season, it is predicted that the majority of season 2 would focus on Jack trying to make things right. Jack must try to fix his relationship with his wife as well as his brother. We are hopeful that the second season would help resolve the Spade family issues. Unfortunately, there were talks regarding Ace leaving the DWL. However, the show would not remain the same if one of its stars leave. Hence, it is possible that Ace may temporarily leave the DWL, only to return later.

Heels Season 2 Plot
Heels Season 2 Plot

Regardless of what the sophomore season may hold, we hope that it lives up to its predecessor’s standards. Fans expect a power-packed sophomore season and nothing less.

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As filming for Heels Season 2 is currently going on, the trailer is not out yet. Nevertheless, if the filming winds up soon, the trailer should follow a few months soon as well. The season 1 trailer released three months prior to the show’s release. Therefore, the trailer for the second season of Heels is likely to drop sometime in early 2023. This prediction is made keeping in mind that the series would release sometime in the summer of the next year.

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