Dave Ramsey Net Worth

He is not only a personal finance personality and a radio show host but also an author and a businessman too. Dave Ramsey, now 61, has enjoyed a successful career.

Before knowing about Dave Ramsey net worth, it is important to have a look at his career. To begin with, he ran into bankruptcy back in 1988. After that, he steadily began his journey of financial recovery.

After his popularity, he also started hosting radio shows, and in his “The Dave Ramsey Show”, he talked about financial advice.

According to reports, Dave Ramsey net worth is around $200 million. In addition to his financial advising income sources, he has many other sources too. For instance, the value of his real estate holding is $150.

Ramsey is a Christian and considers himself a conservative. He married Sharon in 1982, and the couple had three children together. All of his three children now work for Ramsey Solutions.