The Wilds Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Cast Confirmed by Amazon Prime

With a cliffhanger and several loose ends left untied, everyone who has watched the finale of season 1 is looking forward to The Wilds season 2.

The first season was a whirlwind. It showed things are not always how they seem as a group of 8 girls get stranded on an island after a plane crash all alone. There’s just one thing! The entire thing is fake and the girls aren’t actually alone or involved in any plane crash. 

It’s all part of an experiment being conducted on the girls who have no idea about it. By the end of the first season, viewers saw lots of stories unfold and now only season 2 can fill in the missing spaces.

So, if you have watched this amazing show’s first season on prime video and are waiting for season 2, keep on reading.

The Wild Season 2 – Is there an Official Release Date?

While the second season of the series isn’t releasing this month, we have an official release date. And luckily, it’s not that far away.

The Wild Season 2 - Is there an Official Release Date?
The Wild Season 2 – Is there an Official Release Date?

On February 22, an official announcement regarding the release date was made from The Wilds official twitter account. It informed everyone that The Wilds season 2 will be releasing on May 6,2022. So, mark your calendars for this very date as all the eight episodes will be releasing together on Amazon Prime.

Who will be returning for The Wild Season 2?

The second season is going to blow your minds away! At least that’s what’s expected after the season 1 finale. And for a new season to be amazing, the cast needs to be stellar. Hence, here is everyone who will be bringing season 2 to life on our screens.

Who will be returning for The Wild Season 2?
Who will be returning for The Wild Season 2?

Firstly, there’s the girls aka The Dawn of Eve who will be coming back to reprise their roles. 

  • Sophia Ali as Fatin Jadmani
  • Shannon Berry as Dot Campbell
  • Jenna Clause as Martha Blackburn
  • Reign Edwards as Rachel Reid
  • Mia Healey as Shelby Goodkind
  • Helena Howard as Nora Reid
  • Erana James as Toni Shalifoe
  • Sarah Pidgeon as Leah Rilke

Moreover, for the group of boys aka The Twilight of Adam you will be seeing the following.

  • Zack Calderon as Rafael Garcia
  • Aidan Laprete as Henry Tanaka
  • Nicholas Coombe as Josh Herbert
  • Charles Alexander as Kirin O’Conner
  • Miles Gutierrez-Riley as Ivan Taylor
  • Reed Shannon as Scotty Simms
  • Tanner Ray Rook as Bo Leonard
  • Alex Fitzalan as Seth Novak 

Finally, there’s the team behind the entire social experiment.

  • Rachel Griffiths as Gretchen Klein
  • David Sullivan as Daniel Faber
  • Troy Winbush as Dean Young

What will season 2 be about?

The official synopsis for the second season has been announced. It is as follows:

“Season two of The Wilds will continue to follow the harrowing ordeal of a group of teenage girls stranded on a deserted island, and they didn’t end up there by accident—they’ve secretly been recruited into an elaborate social experiment. The new season ratchets up the drama by revealing that the girls aren’t the only ones being studied… there’s a new set of subjects, an island of teenage boys, who must also fight for survival under the watchful eye of the experiment’s puppet master.”

Has a trailer released for The Wilds Season 2?

Yes! Just recently, Amazon Prime has released a trailer which you can check out on YouTube. The around 2 minutes long trailer gives a glimpse of all the surprises to expect in the upcoming season. And it is nerve wracking as well as tense. 

It shows that not just a group of girls but also a group of boys were left stranded on an island, all part of a social experiment. Both the groups fight for survival without knowing the other is also on the same island, just on another corner! However, the girls can sense that there is someone else on the island along with them as well. 

And just when the trailer is about to end, a shocking revelation is made. As the girls come across one of the boys. Believe us when we say once you have watched the trailer, you are only going to wish for The Wilds season 2 to release sooner.

Check official Trailer:

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