Doom Patrol Season 4 Renewal Updates; Release Date, Episodes, Trailer, Cast

This past month has been a major serotonin boost for the DC fans. Well we have one more good news for the fans because Doom Patrol Season 4 is soon coming to HBO Max! Yes the team is indeed returning for one more season. But when will they return? And will the entire cast be there in the upcoming season? All these questions have been answered in the article below. So, let’s begin!

Doom Patrol Season 4 Release Date

HBO Max will yet again host the 4th season of Doom Patrol. So, this rules out all the rumors regarding the cancellation of Doom Patrol Season 4. However there is no confirmed release date for the 4th installment and we can’t predict one either because the past pattern of the previous seasons have been unclear. So, our safest bet is to expect the 4th installment to premiere somewhere in 2022.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Release Date
Doom Patrol Season 4 Release Date

The confirmation news came via the fan event of DC FanDome. And the fans were quite delighted to receive this renewal news. The cast also seemed to be hyped about this renewal. In fact some of them even made videos to celebrate with the fans and even invited them to stream the first three seasons of Doom Patrol on HBO Max. Slowly the streaming site is becoming the home of DC Comics and its adaptations and we are all here for it! Another DC show which got renewed alongside Doom Patrol was ‘Titans’. So, it seems like we are about to get a lot of DC content in the near future.

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Well if you’ve seen the first three seasons of Doom Patrol then you must already have an idea of the cast of Doom Patrol Season 4. There is no confirmed line up for the cast of the 4th season yet but of course the members of the clan who survived the final episode of the 3rd season will return only.

So, who will be there in the potential cast lineup of the 4th installment of Doom Patrol? The following list contains their names:

  • April Bowlby as Rita Farr
  • Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor
  • Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele
  • Joivan Wade as Victor Stone
  • Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge
  • Diane Guerrero as Jane

Brendar Fraser will also be appearing in another DC project ‘Batgirl’ as a villain. So, the DC Universe is expanding even more and we are all here for it! Of course Timothy Dalton won’t be returning in the 4th season because of how his character was killed off in the third season. It was a major turning point for the team in the previous season which implies that his death might have consequences in the 4th season as well.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Plot

There is no official plot synopsis for Doom Patrol Season 4 due to which we are in a very confused state now. Given the nature of the show, the storyline can proceed in any direction. So, it is better to wait for the writers to let us know about the major details of the 4th season.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Plot
Doom Patrol Season 4 Plot


There is no official trailer for Doom Patrol Season 4 yet. And who knows when we will get it. The filming schedule for the 4th season is not out yet so we can’t predict the release date of the trailer either. But hopefully it will be somewhere in 2022. There is no other sort of footage either. However this is the best time for you to catch up on all the missed Doom Patrol content on HBO Max. so, until then you can stream the first three seasons of Doom Patrol. For more updates regarding the upcoming season stay tuned!

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