The Undeclared War Season 2 – Premiere Date Expectations

The Undeclared War shocked the viewers with its intense finale. However, now that the first season is over, what can you expect from The Undeclared War Season 2? To find out, continue reading the article! 

When will The Undeclared War Season 2 release?

The Undeclared War is doing quite well on Channel 4! Its pre-release promotion indeed did wonders for its publicity. However, the officials have not yet renewed the show for a second season! So, naturally, there is no official release date for The Undeclared War Season 2. But the first season recently came out, so it is too early to say anything about its renewal.

The Undeclared War Season 2 Release Date
The Undeclared War Season 2 Release Date

The show did pretty well in terms of ratings and viewership, so it won’t be any surprise if Channel 4 gives the show the green light. But who knows how long it will take to reach the final decision. Kosminksy spent at least three years researching the show. During this duration, he went around several places in the US and UK to gain knowledge and come up with a show as perfect as The Undeclared War. Considering all this, he must have more material which can easily be developed into a second season. So, we have high hopes from him!

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What is the Storyline of the Sequel of The Undeclared War about?

Of course, there is no plot synopsis for The Undeclared War Season 2 so far. But expect the story to pick up from where it last ended in the first season. Well, the first season was set in the future (2024), so we are hoping that the story will advance further. Or do you think we’ll go to the past? Well, it will be a good idea to show the backstory. But no such sources have confirmed whether this will be possible or not. Without any leads on the storyline, we can’t do much. So, all that we can do for now is rely on theories.

Plot of The Undeclared War Season 1

The first season revolved around the post-pandemic world in which Britain was at risk from the Russian hackers who were now deep into the cyberworld of Britain. A special team had to deal with them. The 6th episode wrapped up the storyline quite well. So, what will happen to the characters in the second season? Well, first of all, it needs to get renewed. And we are sure that the writers will have something interesting for the characters this time too!

The finale of the season was really something! The GCHQ team were in shambles when they saw John Yeabsley on the Russian TV Broadcast claiming that Britain was actually trying to defame Russia by talking about fake attacks. However, Sarah unravels the mystery that Russia was actually blackmailing John. She realized this as in the speech; John made a grammatical mistake. And this was his way of hinting that he was being forced into saying all that.

The Undeclared War Season 2 Storyline
The Undeclared War Season 2 Storyline

We are still not sure what happened to Vadim, as the 6th episode ended before it could reveal anything substantial. Well, this might be their way of hinting at the possible renewal. So, only the second season will reveal what is in store for Vadim. But is it ahead? Well, he did tell Sarah that he was putting his life at risk for revealing that kind of information. And his line went dead in the final scenes. So, this just adds to the suspense.

Who will feature in the Cast of The Undeclared War Season 2?

There is no official cast lineup for The Undeclared War Season 2 but expect the majority of the core cast members to return in the sequel. Unless those who are unfriendly lose their lives. They might feature in flashback scenes. According to our speculations, the following will star in the upcoming season:

  • Simon Pegg as GCHQ’s Head of Operations, Danny Patrick.
  • Mark Rylance as John Yeabsley
  • Adrian Lester as Andrew Makinde
  • Maisie Richardson Sellers as Kathy Freeman
  • Alex Jennings as David Neal
  • Hannah Khalique Brown as Saara Parvan
  • Edward Holcroft
  • German Segal
  • Tinatin Dalakishvili
  • Hattie Morahan
  • Ed Stoppard
  • Kerry Godliman
Cast of The Undeclared War Season 2
Cast of The Undeclared War Season 2

There might be a few more additions in the second season. But for that kind of information, you’ll have to remain patient!

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Is there a Trailer for The Undeclared War’s Potential Sequel?

There is no trailer or any sort of footage from The Undeclared War Season 2. And it looks like we won’t be getting one soon! But hopefully, this prolonged wait will be worth it. Well, that was everything you needed to know about the potential second season. For more information, stay tuned!

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