Country Queen Season 2 – Is it Renewed or Canceled?

Country Queen, the first Netflix series developed in Kenya, premiered on the streaming site in July! It has made history with its debut, but now fans are concerned about whether or not we’ll get a second season or not. Although the information is scarce right now, we have gathered everything you need to know about Country Queen Season 2 in one place. So, let’s begin!

In case you still haven’t streamed Country Queen’s first season, consider this as a sign to stream it right now! Well, the show premiered on 15th July, so you haven’t missed out on much. It has six episodes in total, and the story is beautifully developed throughout! You’ll get a filterless view on real Kenyan life.

When will Country Queen Season 2 release?

Netflix has increased its investments in African projects over time, and the response plus the output has been quite impressive. Nkateko Mabaso (Netflix’s director of licensing for Africa) said in a statement that the team wants to portray the original Kenyan stories to the world.

Country Queen Season 2 Release Date
Country Queen Season 2 Release Date

Speaking of the second season of Country Queen, for now, we don’t have any details from Netflix regarding it. But as Mabaso said, Netflix is keen on producing more Kenyan media to show the real issues and elevate the image of the country and the people. Because Kenya is so much more than just its wildlife, considering all this, the future for Country Queens seems positive! But to make things clear, Netflix has not yet revealed an official statement regarding Country Queen Season 2, so naturally, there is no release date for it so far. Netflix usually takes a month or two to announce the renewal status for any show. So, it’s too early to say anything regarding the sequel. However, considering that this is the first Kenyan series, they might give it the green light regardless of its ratings.

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Storyline of the First Season

The first season focused on Akisa Musyoka, who goes beyond the boundaries set by patriarchy for women. She happens to be a Nairobi event planner, and while watching her journey, you’ll get to experience a lot of emotions through her. She lives double lives due to the circumstances. Capitalism attacked the village she lived in, harming everyone living in it. Akisa not only has to deal with this, but the traumas of her past keep bugging her. Amidst all this, it becomes immensely difficult for her to live, but she still does not give up.

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The whole team which was involved in the production of Country Queen worked really hard to come up with a project like this. The Kenyan media industry has suffered quite in the past, so it is good to see them bloom again. It took five years to produce Country Queen because of the lack of funds. And almost every Kenyan project suffers the same fate. Hopefully, in the upcoming years, this will change as more people get exposed to Kenyan media. Netflix is willing to work in this sector which can prove to be a game changer!

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Well, that was everything you needed to know about Country Queen Season 2. For more updates, stay tuned!

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