Change Days Season 3 – Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

We know you are desperately looking for some update on Change Days Season 3, and we have you covered! Keep the ball rolling and find out everything there is to know about Change Days Season 3 in this article. 

Change Days is a reality Korean series that aired on Netflix in 2021. It is about three couples struggling to make their relationship work. Due to various problems, all three couples reach a breaking point, and that is when they decide to take a trip to an island called Jeju. There they exchange their partners to relight the missing spark in their relationships. Whether this experiment will grow them apart or rekindle them is what the show unravels as it continues. 

So far, two seasons of Change Days have come on air. The series rating of 7.7 speaks volumes about the show’s success. At present, everyone wants to know if the series will come back for a 3rd season or not. 

What Is The Update On Renewal Of Change Days Season 3: Will the series return for a new season?

Unfortunately, so far, no official news regarding Change Days Season 3 has come to the surface. We, too, are waiting for some update. However, considering the success of the first two seasons of the series, we believe there are good chances of renewal of Change Days season 3. For more updates, stay tuned! 

What Is The Update On Renewal Of Change Days Season 3: Will the series return for a new season?
What Is The Update On Renewal Of Change Days Season 3: Will the series return for a new season?

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Who Will be In The Cast?

Since there has been no confirmation on the renewal of season 3, no official cast list has been given out. Anyhow, we think the cast of season 2 will come back in season 3. Here are some of the cast members of the previous season:

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  • Lee Jeong-Hun 
  • Choi Hui-Hyeon 
  • Kim Tae-Wan 
  • Kim Hye-Yeon 
  • Choi Yun-Seul
  • Min Hyo-Gi
  • Kim Do-Hyeong 
  • Kim Ji-Yo 

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