New Amsterdam Season 5 Premiere Date Revealed at NBC

After New Amsterdam Season 5 officially went into production, we now have more good news for its fans. NBC finally announced the exact release date for this popular medical drama. To find out the fifth season’s release date, continue reading ahead.

The show bases itself on the popular book by Eric Manheimer, Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital. It dropped its pilot season on 25th September 2018. Created by David Schulner, the show received immense prizes from audiences and critics alike. After running strong for four seasons, the show currently has an 8 out of 10 IMDb rating.

New Amsterdam follows the life of Dr. Max Goodwin, the new medical director at New Amsterdam hospital. What sets this show apart from its counterparts is the simplicity with which Max reforms the hospital. He aims to revamp the entire staff of the hospital by tearing through the toxic bureaucracy.

New Amsterdam Season 5 Cast

The team over at NBC finally revealed the cast for New Amsterdam Season 5. Luckily for fans, the entire cast from the fourth season will continue forward into season 5. The following cast members will be seen in the upcoming installment.

In the lead, we have Ryan Eggold returning as Dr. Max Goodwin, the hospital’s medical director. Eggold is an American actor, best known for his portrayal of Tom Keen in NBC’s The Blacklist and Ryan Matthews on CW’s teen drama 90210.

New Amsterdam Season 5 Cast
New Amsterdam Season 5 Cast

Freema Agyeman returns as Dr. Helen Sharpe, head of the hematology and oncology department. The British actress rose to fame following her role as Martha Jones in BBC science fiction’s Doctor Who. Further, she also portrayed Alesha Phillips on Law and Order: the UK and Amanita Caplan on Netflix’s Sense 8.

Janet Montgomery reprises her role as Lauren Bloom, the emergency department in charge. Bloom rose to fame following her role as Ames in Human Target (2010-2011). Moreover, she also starred in Salem as Mary Sibley.

Furthermore, Jocko Sims returns as Floyd Reynolds, the head of cardiac surgery at the hospital. Sims is an American actor, best known for his role as Anthony Adams in Crash and Carlton Burk in The Last Ship.

Tyler Labine also returns as Iggy Frome, the hospital’s head of the psychiatry department. Labine is a comedian and actor. He starred in television series such as Invasion, Breaker High, Deadbeat, and Reaper.

Lastly, we have Sandra Mae Frank returning as Dr. Elizabeth Wilder. Frank entered the series in a recurring role in season 4. However, she now joins the main cast for the fifth season.

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New Amsterdam Season 5 Release Date

New Amsterdam Season 5’s official release date is finally out. NBC revealed that the series would return for its fifth installment on 20th September at 10 pm EST. However, the team is yet to reveal the release date for the UK. With just two more months left till the series releases, fans are all set for another power-packed season. Further, the team also disclosed that the new season would consist of 13 episodes, with one episode released weekly.

New Amsterdam Season 5 Premiere Date Revealed at NBC
New Amsterdam Season 5 Premiere Date Revealed at NBC

Unfortunately, while the release date announcement had fans jumping with joy, there was some sadness as well. New Amsterdam Season 5 would, unfortunately, be the final season for the series. After a very successful run for five years, the show is finally ready to reach its conclusion.

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New Amsterdam Season 5 Storyline

While the team did divulge much information about New Amsterdam Season 5, the storyline still remains a secret. Nonetheless, they have left little hints for their fans here and there. Well, we have picked up on them, and here is everything we know about how season 5 may unfold.

While talking with TV Insider, the show’s executive producer, David Schulner, dropped some major hints. He stated that he wanted the series to end where it all began. He wants to journey back to season 1 and ensure that each character ends at the same point that they started from. Although much more refined now. He teased,

“So for Bloom, it was about her addiction…so her mom (played by Gina Gershon) can’t be far behind.”

Dr. Iggy’s core issue revolved around his perception of himself. On the other hand, Reynolds wishes to have a family. Hence, the fifth season would circle back to this and hopefully bring the characters to a full circle.

Further, Jocko Sims has some suggestions for his character, Reynold’s future as well. The complicated love triangle between him, Lyn Malvo, and her husband, Claude Baptiste, are sure to be further explored in season 5. While talking to NBC Insider, Sims stated,

“I would hope that he finds a good balance with his kid and Dr. Malvo, who is the mother of his child—if that is such the case, right?”

He also hopes that his character finds answers regarding his father.

New Amsterdam Season 5 Storyline
New Amsterdam Season 5 Storyline

Moreover, the fourth season ended on a major cliffhanger. We saw that Dr. Goodwin and Dr. Sharpe did not end up getting married. Hence, their relationship definitely has some major hurdles to get past. It will be interesting to see how the two deal with the challenges and whether they end up together or not as the series nears its end.

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The exact trailer for New Amsterdam Season 5 is yet to release. The latest installment is just a couple of months away. Therefore, a trailer should be right around the corner as well. The trailer would likely release within the next 4-5 weeks.

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Fans are excited to see what the trailer for the series finale has in store. Excitement is at an all-time high as the five-year-long series heads towards its conclusion.

Where to Watch The Series Finale?

Fans can watch the episodes as they air on NBC. Further, all episodes will be available for viewers to stream online on Peacock the day after they air on television.

For audiences within the UK, the episodes would be available on Now TV and Sky TV. The previous seasons are currently available for fans to stream on Sky TV. Hence, if you are still not caught up, now is the time.

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