The Last Cowboy is Returning to CMT for its Third Season!

The Last Cowboy Season 3 is the talk of the town these days. We know you want to know more about it. So we have gathered the latest updates about it for you. Continue reading to find out all there is to know about The Last Cowboy Season 3!

About the Show The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy is Taylor Sheridan’s reality show on the dangerous horse reining discipline. The show provides an inside glimpse at the lives of today’s cowboys and cowgirls. It portrays how they prepare for “The Run for a Million ” and compete in the Western sport of horse reining. The sport involves horses being led through a precise pattern of loops, spins, and stops by their skilled riders.

Update About The Last Cowboy Season 3

On December 28, 2016, The Last Cowboy made its Paramount debut and garnered a roaring reception. It became the most-watched non-fiction television programme since 2015 at the time. While it appeared like season 2 would be the final one initially, it turns out that the show has been extended for a third season. CMT will air The Last Cowboy season 3 very soon!

Update About The Last Cowboy Season 3
Update About The Last Cowboy Season 3

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What is the Release Date of The Last Cowboy Season 3?

The last Cowboy season 3 is set to release on November 18, 2022, Friday. It will be released at 10 pm on CMT.

What is the Release Date of The Last Cowboy Season 3?
What is the Release Date of The Last Cowboy Season 3?

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Who will be the Participants in the Third Season of The Last Cowboy?

Here is the list of candidates who will be participating in season 3:

  • Casey Deary
  • Andrea Fappani
  • Shawn Flarida
  • Arno Honstetter
  • Francesco Martinotti
  • Jordan McBurney
  • Sean McBurney
  • Cade McCutcheon
  • Matt Palmer
  • Nathan Piper
  • Fernando Salgado
  • Craig Schmersal
  • Josh Tishman
  • Dany Tremblay
  • Jason Vanlandingham
  • Billy Williams
Who will be the Participants of The Last Cowboy Season 3?
Who will be the Participants of The Last Cowboy Season 3?

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