The Amazing Race 35 Starts Filming and Will Have A Release Date Soon!

Even though The Amazing Race season 34 the show is going on, many loyal fans believe that the production and filming for the 35th season have already started. With all the evidence the fans have gathered, it is apparent that this is the case. The fans are looking forward to the return of another season of the beloved show.

The Amazing Race Season 35 Renewal

Season 34 of the show is currently airing on CBS, and with its high ratings and popularity, fans have no doubt there will soon be good news about a new season. With the statement for the renewal of season 34 released just a week after the 33rd season aired its last episode, the announcement for season 35 will likely be around December 2022.

The Amazing Race Season 35 Renewal
The Amazing Race Season 35 Renewal

As shared in Reddit posts, fans have also encountered the cast in a few locations. The fan stumbled on the cast shooting pre-race intros and challenges in O’Melveny Park in northern Los Angeles. The fan spotted the crew scattered across the park and many people wearing athleisure wear and carrying backpacks. Host Phil Keoghan was also seen wearing the same hat he had worn in an episode of season 34.

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Fans are also aware of the casting call that took place in June for the 35th season. According to the schedule, the cast would start filming around October.

The Amazing Race Season 35 Release Date

Even though there has been no renewal news regarding the new season, the show is a staple of the CBS network. With its continuous airing since 2001 and increasingly high ratings, the show is not going anywhere soon. Hence, there is no doubt in the minds of the show’s long-time fans that it will return for a new season. The highly anticipated new season will soon hit the screens if it follows the schedule. Especially with its production already underway, fans are more excited than ever.

The Amazing Race Season 35 Cast

There has been no confirmed cast or teams for the new season. However, fan sightings have given us an estimate that this season’s casting consists of around 13 teams. Some of the cast members that include famous actors and TV personalities, are:

The Amazing Race Season 35 Cast
The Amazing Race Season 35 Cast
  • Phil Keoghan
  • Joyce Agu
  • Uchenna Agu
  • Jet McCoy
  • Cord McCoy
  • Leo Temory
  • Rachel Reilly
  • Jamal Zadran

The Amazing Race Season 35 Location (Spoiler Alert!)

The fan sightings have helped us to know where the team is kicking off the first leg of the season: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is the second time the TAR team will include a leg outside of Europe. This news has sent fans into an absolute frenzy.

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The Amazing Race Season 35 Location (Spoiler Alert!)

The Amazing Race Season 35 Location (Spoiler Alert!)

Many show members have been seen taking pictures with fans, carrying out challenges, wrestling, and having fun. Numerous fans have shared videos of the cast during the shooting and the crew getting local media coverage.

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With season 34 being a complete hit and having high ratings, fans want the new season now more than ever. With all this excitement and buzz for the 35th season, there is no doubt that this season, like its predecessors, will not be an absolute hit.


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