The Chi Season 5 is Confirmed by Showtime

The Chi season 5 is finally official, folks! Yes, you read that right. Everyone’s fav show, the Chi, finally got an official renewal for the 5th season. In a recent tweet, Showtime, the show’s broadcaster, confirmed the renewal of The Chi for a fifth season following its Season 4 finale, which averaged 4.2 million viewers. The series is on track to become Showtime’s highest-rated series ever.

The Chi Season 5 Release Date

The official tweet which follows the news of the show’s renewal also reveals its airing date. Season 5 will be released on Friday, June 24, 2022!

The Chi Season 5 Release Date
The Chi Season 5 Release Date

The Chi Season 5 Speculation: What’s it going to be about?

As far as we know, Douda fled the Chi in the last episode of season 4. Is Douda really going to leave? It seems unlikely. Are we really thinking that he will simply leave and not try to get rid of Trig? Are we really thinking that he will simply leave and not try to get rid of Marcus?

Rosalyn is now at the Mayor’s desk. What will she do in Douda’s absence? As Marcus awakens from his coma, will he reveal the truth about the Mayor? Considering that he is a key witness, will he be silenced?

Kevin’s family will now take care of Lynae. They are in love. Well, he likes her a lot. However, will this convenient relationship lead to youth sex or even pregnancy? And as far as Tiffany’s concerned. She’s certainly for the streets! Interestingly, she told Emmett she didn’t want an open relationship and that she would commit to him.

Meanwhile, she will be dipping out with one of her edibles clients, Rob. After being exposed to so many men, she wants more. How long until she gets caught? Is Emmett going to leave her completely once he discovers the truth? Well, we’re going to find the answer to these burning questions along with so much more in the upcoming season of the Chi.

The Chi Season 5 Cast: Who’s Coming Back?

The following series regulars have already been confirmed to return in season 5:

  • Alex Hibbert in the role of Kevin
  • Michael V. Epps portrays Jake
  • Jacob Latimore in the role of Emmett
  • In the role of Papa, Shamon Brown Jr.
  • Yolonda Ross in Jada
  • Keisha, played by Birgundi Baker
  • Luke James plays Trig
  • Tyla Abercrumbie plays Nina
  • As Dre, it’s Miriam A. Hyman
  • Jasmine Davis in the role of Imani
  • Hannah Hall, in the role of Tiff
  • Judaea Brown in the role of Jemma
  • Darnell, portrayed by Rolando Boyce
  • Jason Weaver, in the role of Shad
  • Tai Davis in the role of Tracy
  • Kandi Burruss plays Roselyn
  • In the role of Dom, Lala Anthony
  • Iman Shumpert plays Rob
  • As Maisha, Genesis Denise Hale
  • Freedom Martin as a Christian
  • Tabitha Brown in the role of Octavia
  • Lynae as Zaria Primer
  • Joel Steingold in the role of Marcus St. John
  • Jamal as Vic Mensa
  • Curtiss Cook in the role of Douda
The Chi Season 5 Cast: Who's Coming Back?
The Chi Season 5 Cast: Who’s Coming Back?

In addition to them, the newly added recurring cast includes

  • In the role of Tierra, Nia Jervier
  • Carolyn Michelle Smith in the role of Deja

The Chi Season 5 Plot

Tiffany still hasn’t decided between Emmett and Dante in the fourth season, so she decides to go on without him. While Tiffany initially chooses Emmett, she later meets Rob and kisses him.

Trig obtains video evidence that shows Douda striking Marcus in order to convince him to leave town. While he is on vacation, Roselyn seems to be acting as temporary Mayor. The fourth season also marks the formalization of Christian and Keisha’s relationship.

The Chi Season 5 Plot
The Chi Season 5 Plot

So, we expect that Season 5 will bring many surprises for us. Moreover, the upcoming season may feature Douda and Trig. Tiffany and Rob’s relationship will make Emmett’s life difficult in the near future. Jada’s latest tests came back clear, indicating that she is in the midst of a new chapter following her last chemotherapy treatment. Season 5 will mostly explore how neighbors can remain united in their efforts to protect one another.

The Chi Season 5 Trailer

Yes, folks, a trailer is out, and you can easily watch it on YouTube. Therefore, if you still haven’t seen it, then you can watch it here too.

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