Jackass 4.5 is coming to Netflix in May

To all the lovers of Jackass, there’s finally some good news for you. Jackass 4.5 is coming in May on Netflix with a lot of stunts, stupidity, and a whole new and excited crew. Jackass is all about a group of friends who perform different comedy stunts in front of the camera. It’s an American reality comedy film by Jeff Tremaine. It aired for three short seasons on MTV and, in a short time, became one of the most popular.

The first film ‘Jackass’ premiered in 2001, and then because of a super hit, Jackass 2.5 aired in 2006-2007. ‘Jackass Forever ‘returned in 2008, which again got an excellent response from the audience. ‘Jackass 3.5 in 2010-2011, and so on. Now Jackass 4.5 is returning in May 2022, and fans are eagerly waiting. All the previous films of Jackass are hilarious, and we are expecting this will be as good as all previous.

Jackass 4.5 Release Date

Netflix officially made an announcement in which the date of release is May 20th, 2022, for Jackass 4.5. This is an alternate edition of ‘Jackass Forever.” Both the previous Jackass have .5’ editions in the past. All running for an hour and containing the leftovers essentially from the theatrical cut.

The original theatrical edit of “Jackass Forever” will remain on Paramount, but “Jackass 4.5” will be a Netflix exclusive. And it will most likely feature some of the over 40 minutes of additional content.

Jackass 4.5 Release Date
Jackass 4.5 Release Date

Filming and Trailer

The filming for Jackass 4.5 didn’t go well according to plan. The filming shut down because of the COVID pandemic for 7 months, because of which the trailer showed up later than expected time. The trailer is out and if you still haven’t seen it you can watch it below:

To promote the announcement, a teaser video that displays the Swingset Gauntlet, a previously unseen stunt, is out in which the whole crew is set up to appear for another comedic set of adventure. Fans are waiting to see all these stunts and comedy on screens soon.

Jackass 4.5 Cast

To gather all the cast & crew for Jackass 4.5. It’s directed by Jeff Tremaine and written by Jason Wee Man Acuna, Derrick Beckles, and Sean Cliver. Other cast members include Eric Andre, Spike Jonze, Tony Hawk, Chris Pontius, Sean Mclnerney, Ehren McGhehey, Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, Rachel Wolfson, Preston Lacy, Davon Wilson, Rob Dyrdek, Chris Raab, Zach Holmes.

Jackass 4.5 Cast
Jackass 4.5 Cast

Jackass 4.5 Plot: How’s the film going to unfold?

More skits and stunts will be there in Jackass 4.5, as well as some surprise visitors. Johnny Knoxville mentioned earlier this year that the film would be “stacked” with previously unseen footage. According to the teaser, we can predict that the whole crew will wear the animal costume and will perform something hilarious that will make jackass 4.5 again a superhit. We can see the cast doing crazy stuff in the teaser.

The team is putting in a lot of effort. It was hard for them to perform the stunt in these films as the Jackass crew was getting older. Many members of the core team appear in Jackass Forever, including a few scenes with Bam Margera, and are plainly ready to put their health and well-being on the line for the sake of entertainment. Others, like Ryan Dunn, have retired, moved on, and even passed away. It’s evident that these men enjoy what they’re doing and want to continue doing it, but the outro track is for everyone.

Jackass 4.5 Plot
Jackass 4.5 Plot

Indeed, Jackass Forever served as a nostalgic film, concluding in an emotional manner that offered the impression of finality, at least for the time being. Fans of the series, on the other hand, won’t have to say goodbye just yet, since a full film will be releasing on May 20th. Jackass 4.5 appears to have no intention of holding back. So let’s just wait for the exact date to watch one of our favorite and most awaited films.

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