9 Bullets Cast, Plot Trailer and Release Date

The latest trailer of 9 Bullets has revealed Lena Headey in a never seen before role! The footage seemed quite impressive and it has given us a great deal of information regarding the upcoming movie. So, make sure that you give the following article a read because it contains every bit of information that you need to know about it!

Screen Media has played a major role in the production of the movie. If you’re an avid cinephile you must be aware of the kind of blockbuster movies Screen Media has previously been involved with. Gigi Gaston has served as both director and the writer for the movie. In an interview she revealed that Gypsy Rose Lee is the main inspiration for the movie. And as it has a woman in the lead the movie will do wonders for women empowerment.

9 Bullets Release Date

9 Bullets will make its way to the theaters on 22nd April 2022! We don’t have any information regarding whether it will be hosted by any streaming site or not. So, that remains unknown. Hopefully after one or two months we’ll get to know about this matter.

9 bullets Release Date
9 bullets Release Date

9 Bullets Cast

Well we have Lena Headey in the main role of Gypsy. It will also mark her directorial debut. But who will be joining her in 9 Bullets? The following list contains all the characters and their actors confirmed to feature in the upcoming movie:

  • Sam Worthington as Gypsy’s ex.
  • Dean Scott Vasquez who will get rescued
  • Cam Gigandet who will be seen stirring trouble as a gangster
  • La La Anthony
  • Martin Sensmeier
  • Barbara Hershey

The entire team including the one behind the camera is quite talented. They all have worked on major projects! Lena Headey is known for playing Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones and the writer for the movie Gigi Gaston has also written Room 105: The Highs and Lows of Janis Joplin. So, we know that the movie is in safe hands!

9 Bullets Plot

There are two stories which will make the central plot of 9 Bullets. The first story will revolve around Gypsy who is a dancer and also a hardworking author. The other story will focus on her neighbor who happens to be a young boy. Poor boy was unlucky to witness the murder of his parents. Well this is where the story will get interesting.

9 bullets Plot
9 bullets Plot

Following the murder of his parents, Gypsy takes the little boy under her supervision. And in order to console him she decides to go on a road trip. But why does she do this? This is because the person who murdered the boy’s parents happened to be Gypsy’s ex lover. And now she is rescuing the boy in order to keep the murderer away from him.

It will be interesting to find out how the plot gets developed in the movie. The two major themes are quite promising. So, what will happen in the end? Will Gypsy sacrifice herself for the little soul? Well that is for the movie to tell! So, don’t forget the day; 22nd of April.


Watch the trailer for 9 Bullets below! It shows how Gypsy finds out the trembling kid and decides to assist him. And in this strenuous task she also stumbles upon the actual gang who was behind the murders. So, now she takes the oath to protect the kid no matter what the scenario. Even if she has to lay her life in the process. The footage was surely an intense one. And the whole team is quite hyped up about the movie and they have put in much hard work. So, the movie will definitely be worth the watch!

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Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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