EntertainmentChoose Or Die Cast, Plot, Trailer and Release Date

Choose Or Die Cast, Plot, Trailer and Release Date

Choose or Die is yet another horror entry that is coming to the streaming giant – Netflix. Of course, we are well aware that the streaming giant has a lot of variety in this genre, from horror films fit for children to eerier ones that can make even the oldest ones wet their pants šŸ˜µ yikes!

A coder with a dark streak takes a quest for money in this Simon Allen film (The Watch). Video games are a staple on Netflix. The Squid Game, a major hit last year, is proof of that. Despite not having deadly games for children as its horrific conceit. It’s a survival horror that will test the mettle of the coder at the center of the plot.

Having released the date and synopsis of the film, here’s all that we know so far! So please read on to know all about it.Ā 

Choose or Die Plot: All the InformationĀ 

Based on the plot synopsis, the story involves Kayla (Iola Evans), a broke college student. She’s playing an old computer game in order to earn the unclaimed prize money that comes from completing the game. Kayla thinks playing the game will be easy, but she doesn’t realize the curse she has unleashed.Ā 

Choose or Die Plot: All the InformationĀ 
Choose or Die Plot: All the Information

Based on the trailer, Kayla appears to have lost her job, someone close to her is being evicted, and she doesn’t know what else to do. In order to get her finances under control, she discovers that there is a $125,000 cash prize attached to the old video game CURS>R (pronounced Curser), which has never been claimed. However, the game seems to be affecting Kayla’s reality in strange and even dangerous ways. This leaves her questioning whether the money is worth the damage she must cause to win it.

Well, this is the plot twist. In the trailer, it’s clear that Kayla is advancing through the game despite seeing the consequences of her actions. An individual explains how the game works on a tape, telling a viewer that “the more the cursed suffers, the more the curser benefits.” Een though it is unclear whether he means the player or the game itself.Ā 

The individual is either the creator of the game, a victim of its reality, or someone collecting research on it? We also see an older man playing the game. And he seems to be struggling with the decisions he has to make. Was he someone who tried to claim the prize before Kayla, or is he someone who is trying alongside her? We don’t know anything else, either!

The movie is soo intense we can’t wait to watch it, so we know how it unfolds šŸ˜±!

Choose or Die Release Date & Runtime

Friday, April 15, is the premiere date for this upcoming new horror film. Additionally, it’s going to run for one hour and twenty-four minutes.

Choose or Die Trailer Is It Available?

Fortunately, Netflix has revealed the official trailer of Choose or Die that you can watch here if you haven’t seen it yet.

Choose or Die Cast Who Can We Expect to See?

The movie has a star-studded cast that fans will immediately recognize. The film stars Iola Evans as Kayla and Asa Butterfield as Isaac, Kayla’s friend. Netflix viewers may recognize Butterfield from Sex Education, while others may recognize him from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Hugo, or Ender’s Game. Likewise, Evans may be familiar with Carnival Row and The 100. In CURS>R, Eddie Marsan (V for Vendetta, Vice) plays Hal, the other individual who tries to play at one point, though it isn’t clear how far he gets.Ā 

Choose or Die Cast Who Can We Expect to See?
Choose or Die Cast Who Can We Expect to See?

The trailer only includes Robert Englund’s voice. But the horror icon is describe as portraying a fictional version of himself. Well, this should be a unique experience for audiences to witness. When she receives the eviction notice, Kayla may be living with Thea (Angela Griffin, Coronation Street). Thea appears to be a relative or friend of Kayla’s.

Similarly, we can also see Ioanna Kimbook portraying Grace, the server we see being forced to eat glass in the trailer. While Kate Fleetwood (The Wheel of Time) plays Laura. In addition to Gage, Caroline Loncq, Joe Bolland, and Pete MacHale (The Feed) are listed as appearing in the film as Lance, Maria, and Gabe.

Well, folks, this is all we know about the upcoming horror thriller, do let us know how you find it in the comments section below!Ā 

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