Everything That We Know About Criminal Minds Season 16

Criminal Minds Season 16 will be available on Paramount+ soon. After the success of Criminal Minds Season 15, it is not surprising that the fans are expecting Season 16 of Criminal Minds. Season 15 which aired in 2020 was declared the final season of Criminal Minds. However, the same announcement was made for Season 14 too. Therefore, it is not clear whether there will be new season or not. However, chances are still high that there will not be Season 16. The decision for the same will be taken by ABC Signature, CBS Studios and Paramount. 

The Casts Of Criminal Minds Season 16 Have Been Release From The Contract 

After Season 15 of Criminal Minds was completed, according to reports, the cast was released from their contracts. Currently, all the casts of Criminal Minds are busy with different projects. Sources have also revealed that currently, Paramount+ is working on a pitch for Season 16. 

The Casts Of Criminal Minds Season 16 Have Been Release From The Contract 
The Casts Of Criminal Minds Season 16 Have Been Release From The Contract

However, clearing the buzz of the cancellation, Tanya Gills, Chief Programming Officer at ViacomCBS Streaming has said that they are very much in the development of the series. The project is alive and well and more information will be shared later. However, even though the project was confirmed, the progress of the project has not been shared for a long time. 

According to other sources, even though the casts of the series have been released from the contract, six members of the original casts have decided to return for any upcoming series if any. Reports of Deadline have indicated that Paramount+ are in negotiations for finalizing the contract of the series. The cast members who are expected to return for the next series include Joe Mantegna as David Rossi, Adam Rodriguex as Luke Alvez, Kirsten Vangness as Penelope Garcia, Aisha Tyler as Dr. Tara Lewis, A.J. Cook as Jennifer Jareau and Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss. The cast members who will be absent from the next series are Daniel Henney and Matthew Gray Gubler. 

What To Expect From Criminal Minds Season 16? 

Even though Season 16 of Criminal Minds is believed to be scrapped, the same is not true. The negotiation of the project is still going on and therefore, it is not clear whether there is a revival of Season 16 or not. If Season 16 of Criminal Minds is released, the viewers can expect it to be a direct continuation instead of a reboot. The schedule of Season 16 is running late but this is quite common for the current pandemic time.  It is expected that Season 16 of Criminal Minds will make its debut on CBS Network and if the negotiation takes place successfully, the production of the same will begin this summer. 

The release date and plot is still not revealed. It is because everything is in the negotiation phase and without any official confirmation, it is impossible to comment on the same. The 15 seasons of Criminal Minds featured 324 episodes and the runtime of each episode was approximately 42 minutes. Are you a fan of Criminal Minds? Season 15 of the series was a huge success and therefore, it isn’t surprising that the anticipation for Season 16 is quite high.
We will update this space, once more information on Season 16 of Criminal Minds is available. Till then, wait for any official confirmation. Whether the negotiation with Paramount was a success or not will be revealed soon and you can enjoy all the episodes of Season 15 then. Criminal Minds is a binge-watching worth series with an IMDb rating of 8.2 

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